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The 6th Seal

The 6th Seal

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"And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake: and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood"
~Revelations 6:12

"This is Sasha Pendleton with the British Broadcasting Network.. If you're just tuning in, approximately 1 hour ago, a massive continent-wide earth quake struck North America - wreaking destruction from Quebec to Mexico City.

Geologists are at a loss to explain this previously unknown phenomenon - but they confirm that monitoring stations across the continent have reported a series of seismic events with magnitudes ranging between 7 and 9. The most severe activity has been on the Eastern Seaboard. Severe aftershocks have been erupting intermittently.

We go now to Hugh Donaldson in Centennial City....Hugh, can you tell us what's going on where you are? "

"Sasha, it's chaos here. If you can see the orange glow against the night sky behind me - you can tell that entire blocks of the city are on fire. The source is presumably ruptured gas lines although there have been reports of arson. Fire crews are responding as best they can - but many roads are impassable and water lines are simply down in many areas. Its sheer pandemonium, the dead and dying are everywhere - I haven't seen carnage on this scale outside of a war zone. It's horrific. From the patchy reports we've received from other cities - this scene of devastation is being echoed all across the continent.

Sasha - the only explanation scientists have offered is that an eruption of a dormant faultline running through the New England states triggered a sort of seismic chain reaction - causing every fault line in North America to erupt. I can't emphasize enough the scale of the disaster here. Every city in North America has been severely damaged. Millions are feared dead. Power is down from coast to coast. The Mississippi River is flowing backwards as a result of the quake. The only word that adequately describes the scale of this disaster is biblical."

The Sixth Seal, written by Mike Lafferty, is a supplement for M&M Superlink that focuses on how heroes deal with a disaster of epic proportions and its apocalyptic aftermath. It contains several adventures that can be played together as a story arc or individually, at the GM's discretion.

Section 1 sets the scene and has adventure scenarios that take place in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.

Section 2 gives background information on life in the wake of the disaster.

Section 3 provides adventure scenarios that take place a few weeks or even months after the quake strikes, when civilization has effectively collapsed.

In addition, The Sixth Seal provides several additional "Seasoning encounters" - straightforward, quick-play adventure scenarios that provide additional depth or flavor, and an alternate plotline in which the earthquake only impacts the heroes' home city, rather than the nation as a whole.

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September 26th, 2007
This review first appeared on The Digital Front Podcast #4 and at Purple Duck Creations. [...]
Chris G. [Featured Reviewer]
August 9th, 2007
In most adventures it is all about the bad guy. The heroes have to defeat him and his goons. It is a rare adventure that moves away from that. It does not seem to matter the game or the genre. This is a short series of adventures and adventure ideas th [...]
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