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MicroTactix brought you into the modern era first with the original Cheepsville USA? -- the first downloadable urban environment scenics. Next, the best-selling Dirt Cheep Cityscapes? made available an inexpensive and incredibly expandable city environment for role playing and miniatures. But you told us something was still missing for your modern-era gaming. "Give us buildings and modern urban scenics for some really down-and-dirty action!" Gary M. Williams listened, and has created the tough and edgy sort of environment you begged for -- Twilight Street?.

Twilight Street? answers the requests of hundreds of MicroTactix fans for a full color urban setting set that reflects a tougher sort of play style. This is The City's seamier side, where the skyscrapers of chrome and steel give way to the chipped concrete and discolored brick of the hard-core urban jungle. Gary Williams captures the edge and excitement of urban adventure with this new set.

Sample Twilight Street for free with our BONUS building, "Drake's Radio & TV".

Then, get the entire full-color Twilight Street Basic Urban Environment Set -- buildings, streets, scenics and more -- for only $20!

Twilight Street comes as PDF files that can be printed to any printer. Make as many buildings as you choose! Scaled to popular 25 to 28mm miniature figures (or MicroTactix cardstock standup counters), these buildings can easily be reduced during printing to 15mm or N scale, too.

Fans of urban fantasy, superhero action, and tough city-combat games now can all have a great time mixing and matching all of our modern-era product lines to build enormous environments for play. It's so cool, you won't believe it's cardstock! See you on Twilight Street tonight!


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August 12th, 2016
Fun little project, that went together well! Inexpensive solution to building small town for my Zombies to rampage through! [...]
August 4th, 2014
This was a nice little model to cut my teeth on - a simple box shape with a recessed roof. I had some difficulty in calculating the correct scale to print the cardstock for 28mm miniatures, but working on the aim of achieving a door height of 40mm or [...]
January 3rd, 2010
This product was not up to what I expected. I downloaded this item for use in my heroclix games, and when I printed out the building,well let's just say that it was waaaaaaay to small for 1.5 scale gaming. [...]
July 26th, 2009
This two-tone double story is a nice breakup for the skyline and a moderate level model with an inset door that adds just a slightly higher level of modeling to get it to look correctly. Another good model to start your city with and see the quality pr [...]
July 10th, 2009
I'll be honest in that I'm not building 3D models or anything like that. I use the tile sets to make digital maps for my group that I then put on computer screens. So, this didn't come in too handy. But, it was free. [...]
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