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The Complete Forbidden Kingdoms [BUNDLE]

The Complete Forbidden Kingdoms [BUNDLE]

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This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Forbidden Kingdoms - Master Codex Babbage Edition
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 Watermarked PDF

The lights in the small office began to dim, then in one fell swoop they extinguished, leaving the duo to be illuminated by the etheric glow of the box they had just opened. The professor raised his head and looked around, not fully comprehending what had just occurred. Beside him his assistant, a perky young woman named Emily, stepped away from the hellish radiance. She clenched her fearful eyes shut and tugged at her mentor’s coat, trying desperately to pull him away.“The secret of the Universe are MINE!!!� he exclaimed.Emily tried even harder to wrest his grip from the ornate box they had unearthed, all the while cursing its very existence and wondering of Pandora had ever felt like this.Forbidden Kingdoms is a game of two-fisted pul...

Forbidden Kingdoms - Paris: The Spectral City Babbage Edition
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 Watermarked PDF

In the dark there are things that man should never see and in the dim shroud that encompasses Paris these things make their presence known. Even at the height of noon the haunted city is cloaked in a penumbra, casting a gloomy shadow over the shifting pattern of the metropolis. Faintly the sounds of music can be heard over the din of the crowd, almost as if the ethereal denizens are holding Carnival in the heart of capital. Where once the mighty walked, they do so again. Souls trapped in a precarious balance between our world and Theirs. The orchestra is set at the base of the Arc de Triomphe, the time is right for you to journey to the city of Eternal Night. Won’t you join us for a dance?This product is a great addition to any Victorian or SteamPunk game!163 pages

[d20 Modern] Forbidden Kingdoms: Modern
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 ZIP File

FK: Modern is a game of two-fisted pulp adventure that allows you to traverse the mundane into the world of Heroes! Step foot into a place populated by fact and fiction, where the weird and amazing are commonplace, and daring escapades are at every turn. Take part in explorations into the darkest heart of Africa for lost cities filled with diamonds, or rooftop battles against the nefarious forces of the World Crime League. All this can be yours? and more! But be warned! Once you unlock the mysteries of the world of FK: Modern, you will never be the same again.All 8 classes from Forbidden Kingdoms have been updated as d20 Modern Advanced Classes, as well as the setting, giving you the option on which rules to use.


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