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World of Darkness: Combat
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World of Darkness: Combat

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When Diplomacy Fails...

Not all conflicts are resolved with politics and manipulation. Survival is a tricky business, and the average denizen of the World of Darkness had better know a thing or two about fighting. Once the Black Spiral Dancers smash your door into toothpicks, or the Spectres boil howling out of the Tempest, there's no more time for words.

It's Time to Beat Some Heads In!

Designed for use with all five World of Darkness games, including Vampire: The Dark Ages, this book is an invaluable reference for players and Storytellers ready to get into no-hold-barred battle. World of Darkness: Combat includes: An alternate system for running combat in the World of Darkness Guidelines for integrating supernatural powers into slugfests and firefights Details on dozens of martial arts styles, melee weapons and firearms from around the world

Note: The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

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May 21st, 2013
If you think WoD needs to run a bit more like D&D this is your book. While the combat options are decent, they are a bit clunky so expect to spend a fair bit of time, characters points and effort in combat if you want to include this module. WoD: [...]
July 27th, 2012
Finding this extremly useful for use within the game and actualy finding it amusing as well.. John [...]
July 4th, 2008
At first glance the initiative system it uses looks very confusing and clunky, but as soon as you use it regularly it just clicks in your head. With all the new moves my combats have realy started to sing, and my players have started to describe there [...]
September 13th, 2006
I love this book, granted its rules for hack and slash but it gives detailed discriptions for stuff which makes your otherwise boring combat sessions alot of flaver, it has rules for shapeshifting in combat and dragon ball Z type moves, its freakin gre [...]
October 26th, 2004
Of EXTREMELY limited utility. If all you ever want your players to do is kick butt and take names, buy this book. Otherwise it's a novelty at best. Adapted, by and large, from the systems for the (now disavowed) Street Fighter RPG White Wolf put [...]
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