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HardNova 2: The Intercosm
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HardNova 2: The Intercosm


Expand your HardNova 2 adventures with the Intercosm.

The Darhren Empire came to power thousands of years ago, absorbing countless worlds in a relentless wave of conquest. Many sovereign systems realized that the benefits of joining the Empire far outweighed the cost of fighting it -- advances in technology swept across the galaxy, Imperial businesses prospered through free trade agreements, and hostiles were routed by the Darhren Military. 

The Empire is now in a steady state of decline. Despotic emperors, government corruption, and political infighting left it a fragmented shell. Rebellion has begun. Neglected and forgotten worlds contrast the prosperous inner worlds. Could the recent turmoil be a passing phase or is this the beginning of the end? 

This alternate setting for HardNova 2 is designed to be flexible and to accommodate a wide range of play. It includes new gimmicks, over 20 new species, historical context, galactic factions, focus on a handful of Imperial worlds, introductory scenario, 21 new starships, and 30 new character templates.

Now updated to match the style of HardNova 2 Revised and Expanded.

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