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Quirin Maps #5: The Drunken Donkey

Quirin Maps #5: The Drunken Donkey

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Come to the world, where mortals created and became gods, where the Long Night powers orcs and undead and where ruins of a glorious past let deities fear for their existence. A world of enigmatic NPCs: from the Ancients, over the mythical Sirison and the Guardian of Simit to a being of unknown age and power, the Quirin.

Look out for the independent "Quirin Maps" series. Every issue can be used by publishers and/or game masters alike.

The Drunken Donkey is a short map accessory (.pdf), containing sixteen full color maps (four maps in A4 with furniture and text, four maps in A4 without text, four maps in A4 without furniture and text, and four battle maps without markings split up over 4 A4 pages each) and sixteen greyscale variants of a small inn's basement, first floor, second floor, and loft.

Additional Features:

  • Three separate full color 150dpi .jpeg maps (with furniture and text, without text, and without furniture and text) and three separate greyscale 150dpi .jpeg variants of each level
  • Created by: Christian Janke

    Time for Fun and More!

    You may reduce, crop, rotate, or inscribe these separate maps. The artist's signature must be within the final, published map. You may not resell these maps. If you use any of these maps in your product, you must include the statement:

    Some artwork copyright Christian Janke, used with permission.

    We retain the right to sell the use of these maps.

    A variant of the second floor map originally appeared in Quirin Encounter #2: Brianna.

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