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Classic Spycraft: The Silver Line [BUNDLE]

Classic Spycraft: The Silver Line [BUNDLE]

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 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: 1960s Decade Book
MSRP: $10.00

The war might have been Cold, but the intrigue is red hot.

Return to the era that perfected espionage in a brand new Spycraft setting! This thoroughly researched and highly detailed worldbook delves into the knuckle-biting tension of the Cold War, adapting the standard Spycraft modern-day rules for an entirely new setting! Fight back the tide of nuclear paranoia and take a stand in one of the most unconventional wars the world has ever known!

High-stakes Espionage at the Height of the Cold War! Delve into the titanic game of cloak and dagger between the superpowers. Create your own history in this blockbuster return to the golden age of spies! Customizable Gameplay! Run a superspy campaign against global menace or branch into the gritty...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Agency
MSRP: $7.50

Teamwork — on a global scale.

This essential Spycraft aid presents hundreds of new agent options for players and contains a unique new system taking the game in brand new directions. With the Agency sourcebook, players have the ability to design an all-new Agency to their liking — tailor made for their agent and their specific needs! Coupled with a new set of “team” mechanics — that an entire group of players uses individually or in tandem to much greater effect — this invaluable rules volume is a must-have for all Spycraft and modern-day d20 fans!

Agency Creation Rules! Construct your own unique Agency or let the players do so as they gain levels (or complete missions). Determine your Agency’s history, goa...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Battlegrounds
MSRP: $7.50

You can’t tell them where you’re going.
You can’t tell them when you’re getting back.
But you can tell them what to do if you don’t come home.

Every airdrop against a moonless night promises intrigue, another chance to own the field — or die trying. You’re a veteran of the global espionage scene, but how are you when the bullets start flying so fast you can’t count them anymore? Where do you hide when even the scenery turns against you? This isn’t your home turf — and those aren’t your garden-variety henchmen…

This indispensable Spycraft play-aid introduces the realms of squad combat and battlefield subterfuge. Enter one of five furious war zones tailored for rapid-fire ga...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Control Screen
MSRP: $0.00

This three-panel Control Screen features all the critical Classic Spycraft tables and diagrams on one side and gorgeous Veronica V. Jones illustrations on the other. It comes with a 32-page booklet containing a customized double-sided character sheet for each base class in the Spycraft Espionage Handbook and the Shadowforce Archer Worldbook, plus bonus sheets for tracking masterminds, minions, chases, and full seasons!

Screen panels provided in landscape and portrait versions.


 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Faceman/Snoop Class Guide
MSRP: $7.50

When the right answers could save the world and the wrong questions might get you killed, there’s only one place to turn…

Waking every day in the heart of corruption and sleeping on a bed of lies, no one understands the many enemies of freedom and peace better than the Agency’s consummate masters of global intelligence, its facemen and snoops. Invisible troops along a covert battlefield few of us can fathom, these innovative investigators are the ultimate secret agents, the faceless and romantic relics of a bygone era. The Faceman/Snoop Class Guide thrusts you into this new area of excitement, delving into the often neglected low-impact end of espionage, where knowledge owns the past, and intelligence rules the future.

The Spycraft Intelligence Gu...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Fixer/Pointman Class Guide
MSRP: $7.50

Play the Great Game by your own rules!

Lead forces through any terrain, smuggle vital cargo past even t he most heavily guarded border, and stalk enemy operatives through cities, villain strongholds, and beyond. With many new team-based rules, a wide variety of security options (and all the gear and gadgets required to defeat them), and much more, the Fixer/Pointman Class Guide can light the fuse on any espionage campaign!

Tradecraft Rules! All the ins and outs of clandestine operations, including brainwashing, harassment, interrogation, police action and manhunts, blackmail and coercion, advanced ambush rules, a new system for ‘taking to the streets’ for assistance, and more!The Spycraft Mission Guide! Everything the GC needs to build his i...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Gentlemen's Agreement
MSRP: $7.50

“Care for a friendly wager?”

For years, wealth and power have been indelibly linked, and those with fortunes greater than some third world countries have guided history with a confident hand. Back room deals and secretive bargains determined the fate of men and nations. Now, a gentlemen's agreement and a dangerous game of brinkmanship threaten to plunge the world into disaster. This book contains an entire season of play, featuring several missions that take your agents from the blinding snowfields of Siberia to the murky depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Episodic Action! Play the missions independently or all together, or at your own pace sprinkled throughout your own campaign!Incredible Flexibility! Each mission includes options for three lev...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Mastermind
MSRP: $7.50

Topple governments! Ransom the moon!

This essential Spycraft GC aid presents hundreds of new campaign options, from new ways to expand your basic criminal organizations to devious plots they can unleash upon the agents. This definitive volume not only expands upon existing GC options but pushes the limits of the Spycraft system with all-new game and agent design options. Looking to turn the tables and place those pesky Agency operatives on the defensive? This is your first and last stop!

Mastermind Classes! Challenge your players with these base classes designed to perform to the meticulous Dr. No’s standards!New Agent Options! Become a Disavowed or Obsessed former agent, now working for the bad guys! Take on the role of a Hired Gun, a...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Modern Arms Guide
MSRP: $7.50

Raise your game to a higher caliber.

This essential Spycraft volume introduces hundreds of modern weapons options to the d20 System, bringing the pyrotechnic action of blockbuster movies right to your gaming table. Contained herein is everything you need to requisition, modify, and use your favorite firearms, melee weapons, tactical weapons, and martial arts weapons, along with new combat rules for added excitement and realism!

The Ultimate Weapons Guide! Hundreds of cutting edge standard-issue weapons completely described with statistics for use in your Spycraft and other d20 games! Complete Gear Rules! Learn how to damage it, repair it, conceal it, and buy it in the field (even when it’s not available on the open market)! The Triggerman!<...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide
MSRP: $7.50

Life in the fast lane has never looked this good!

The Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide greatly expands the options available for soldiers, wheelmen, and any class that can pick up a gun or leap behind the wheel of a car. Here's all the material needed to run epic-scale combats or astounding chases under the most unexpected conditions — and in the most exotic locations!

Ordnance Rules! Detailed mechanics for using high-caliber artillery, from mobile howitzers to cannon emplacements to devastating vehicular weapons! The Spycraft Vehicle Guide! Requisition any vehicle in existence today and outfit it with the latest masterwork upgrades, weapons, and gadgets! Thousands of vehicle combination...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: Spycraft Espionage Handbook
MSRP: $10.00

The original d20 game of cloak and dagger.

The Spycraft roleplaying game places the fate of the entire world in your hands. Spycraft introduced the world of cinematic espionage to the d20 system: as a superspy working for MI6, the CIA, or an Agency of your own creation, only you have the skills, the experience, the gadgets to take on the greatest threats the world has ever known!

Production Quality! This release has been prepared using the original production files – this is not a scan. No dust, fuzz, mis-aligned pages, or dog-eared corners. You get fully selectable text and crisp images. Comprehensive bookmarks! Full search capability, a detailed index, and lavishly bookmarked, this edition is at your fingertips! Conversion Appendix...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: U.S. Militaries
MSRP: $7.50

Every agent is an army of one. Imagine what five could do...

Some of the Agency’s best and brightest are chosen from the ranks of the U.S. Armed Forces, which are also often the last line of defense against the most aggressive of criminal organizations. This comprehensive volume offers a view into these noble and often secretive institutions, with precision details about their tactics, tools, training grounds, and more. Combining factual and anecdotal evidence collected by real-world combat veterans, this book takes the classic Spycraft agent or campaign in an entirely new direction, reinvigorating the modern combat genre and bringing the cutting edge of warfare to your gaming table.

Special Note: This product includes conversion notes for S...

 width=80="" /> Classic Spycraft: World Militaries
MSRP: $7.50

Every man an army, every nation the world.

Take your Spycraft games to the farthest corners of the globe with this comprehensive guide to military forces outside the United States. From the Middle East to Japan to Russia to the UK and beyond, this book provides all the gritty real-world details about the world’s foremost warriors, including gear, tactics, vehicles, missions, and more!

Special Note: This product includes conversion notes for Stargate SG-1!

Comprehensive Source Material! Detailed breakdowns of military forces in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and the U.K. New Agent Options! Become an enlisted agent or officer in one of many national military forces! New skill uses, feats, mission resources, tr...

TOTAL VALUE: $311.40 SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE: $75.00 SAVINGS OF: $236.40 (76%)
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October 16th, 2013
The books are older and out of print but the PDFs are awesome with most of the basic tricks you would come to expect from a PDF. The bundle has everything you need to play and more! [...]
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