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Signs & Portents 56
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Signs & Portents 56

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This month’s S&P is jammed packed full of campaigns, supplements spells, introductions, adventures and all other manner of goodies. A wide range of articles covering new and upcoming releases along with plenty to support your favourite Mongoose line.

* 760 Patrons By Bryan Steele. An introduction to 760 Patrons.
* Campaigns of Terror By Matthew Sprange. A variant A Call To Arms campaign for two players.
* Conan Combat Styles By Stefan Styrsky. Alternative border styles for Conan.
* Spitfire - A new unit for British Forces in Battlefield Evolution World At War.
* Sturmtiger - A new unit for German Forces in Battlefield Evolution Wold At War.
* Cthulhutech Spells By Carl Walmsley. A selection of spells – old and new – for use in your Cthulhutech games.
* Gaim Intelligence Fleet List - A revised, official version.
* Icthus of the Nazanene By Richard Ford. The fourth and final Chapter of Icthus of Life.
* Heroes of the Dawn - A Battlefield Evolution Battle Report.
* The Mereghn By Lawrence Whitaker. A taster Cult from the upcoming Cults of the Young Kingdoms Supplement.
* Abandon Ship! – Survivors in Victory At Sea By David Manley. A supplement for Victory At Sea.
* Stirring Dara Happa By Lawrence Whitaker. The Author provides and insight into how the Dara Happa Stirs Campaign book came into being.
* Malice Avenged: The Minbari War of Chastisement By Alan Oliver. Three linked scenarios that are intended to be played in sequence, as the forces that survive one scenario will be there in the next.
* Keep Your Dictionary Handy By Zild Remo. A guide to Alpha Complex slang in Paranoia.


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April 22nd, 2009
Great fun for mongoose book so have fun with it :] [...]
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