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Classic Spycraft: Hand of Glory Threat Book

Classic Spycraft: Hand of Glory Threat Book

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Evil never dies.

In 1945, victory was seized from the jaws of the greatest evil of the 20th Century. Now, a new threat rises from the ashes of the Nazi regime, a criminal organization with dreams of global domination powered by the might of a living god. Can your agents prevent a terrifying Fourth Reich bent on reengineering the world in the image of a fallen occult empire?

  • Explore the Mystic World: Your first in-depth guide to the mystic world of Shadowforce Archer, which few ever see and even fewer control. Learn new occult abilities and the secret origins of mystic power.
  • Countless Missions Against Darkness: Everything you need to run games featuring the Hand of Glory, including who they are, what they want, and why. Two new threats are included - the manipulative agents of die Spinne and the curious explorers of the College of Theological Archaeology - each fully fleshed out and integrated into the official history, with staging notes to drop them quickly into any campaign.
  • New Locations: Two new location maps - one for chases (Buenos Aires) and one for campaign play (the volcanic base, Monolith).
  • Tools of Destruction: Powerful new relics, rituals, and creatures, each with complete mechanics and backstory.

This file is fully bookmarked for ease of use.

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December 7th, 2008
The book seems to add an interesting element to the rest of Shadowforce Archer. I think this addition adds a lot of amazing possibilities to the game. Its a good add on, although the realm of mysticism can be difficult to comprehend. [...]
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