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Into the Gates of Hell

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The first adventure of this series is, “The Cat and the Dragon”. The bundle is on UKG's publisher page!

Into the Gates of Hell now features gate connections to three other Hanan Pacha adventures: Lair of the Demon Princess; Beyond the Black Door and The Inn of Limbus. Also included is the new work: Gate Connections, which has a graphic that shows all of the above gate connections.

Into the Gates of Hell: take your adventurers on a quest to find the keys to nine gates that intersect with the infernal regions. Battle devils and a host of other monsters that lurk in this place of darkness and evil. These magical gates may or may not be open. Complicating matters is the fact that a dangerous group of mercenaries have already infiltrated the dungeon!

This module is written for a group of adventurers of 7th to 12th level. PCs of all classes need magical weapons sufficient to battle extra-planar creatures effectively.


In our adventures, The Ghost of the Crypt and Into the Gates of Hell your PCs have an opportunity to sove a poetic riddle that becomes prophetic! The First of this series is called, The Cat and the Dragon, and all three are available as a bundle from U.K.G. Publishing. These do feature some poltical intrigue and travel but the main thing is solving the riddle and delving in the dungeons! You can take your players from 3ird - 5th levels to 7th - 9th levels as they become skilled an killing evil oponents and using their abilities to become valiant heroes! 

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Megan R. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
August 13th, 2008
An RPG Resource Review: After my comments on the original version of this adventure, which could be summed up as "Nice dungeon but no reason to go there," author Rex Baker revised and re-released it. The introduction has been rewritten, and it now [...]
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