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Interface Zero

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Welcome to the Future!

Interface-Zero, is the first book in the Interface-Zero Cyberpunk Setting by Reality Deviant Publications. IZ brings your True20 game up to speed with the dark, frenetic world of 2088. Future sourcebooks and adventures will further add to the bleeding edge setting presented in this core setting book.

Didja Bring Your Gun?

Within the pages of Interface-Zero, you can match wits with ancient triad lodge masters, anarchist hackers and digitalized corporate moguls. Thwart the machinations of the New Chinese Mandarinate, or the Theocratic UCSA. Stare down the end of your gauss rifle at or match nano-woven steel with ganglanders, gene-spliced hybrids and borg shock troopers. 

How About Your Hacker?

Interface-Zero is 162 pages full of setting, history, rules, and mechanics you can use to upgrade any True20 game. IZ’s main book includes:

  • New rules for living in the augmented reality world of the future!
  • Expanded Computer Rules!
  • Six new Roles (Hacker, Icon, Martial Adept, Rake, Technician, and Tough)
  • Over 20 New Backgrounds from AIs to Wasteland dwellers!
  • Armor, Equipment, Robots, Weapons and Vehicles!
  • New Feats!
  • Viruses, and Do-it-yourself programs!
  • New Cybernetics and Biogenetic Upgrade Rules!
  • Megaconglomerations and Rogue Nations-States!
  • Tips for Players and Narrators both new and veteran!
  • Over 40 Allies, Antagonists and Threats for use in your game


Want to learn more about Interface Zero? Listen to Atomic Array 005.

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February 22nd, 2015
Alot of great ideas. I don't use the setting, but I do use many of the modifications and additions to the rules. [...]
May 11th, 2009
I agree that Interface Zero is certainly the best treatment of the cyberpunk genre I've seen in OGL, and I happen to like the True20 mechanics. I'd like to see more mecha / Bubblegum Crisis elements and information on the wastelands in future releases. [...]
May 8th, 2009
This is a cyer puke game for the true20 game line and it a great game for new GA ST ane DM to play have fun with it. :] [...]
Sean H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
August 13th, 2008
Interface Zero, a True20 Adventure Roleplaying campaign setting by Matt Conklin, Hal Maclean, Patrick Smith and David Jarvis, published by Reality Deviant Publications. It is a 165-page product (160 after covers and OGL) with a clean layout though ther [...]
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