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Adventure 1: Beltstrike
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Adventure 1: Beltstrike

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In the Sonares system the Schaeffer belt offers riches to those equipped to exploit it - the hardy men and women who ply the dangers of the asteroid fields: the Belters.

When Lothrain Free Company invests in a mining platform, in a bid to gain ground on its immediate competition and the powerful Maas Industries, it triggers a series of events that drive Schaeffer belt tensions to new highs. Everything is at stake: Lothrain's interests and reputation; the Maas stranglehold on the most profitable areas of the belt; and certain people within the Sonares system will stop at nothing to either put Lothrain out of business, or take the mining platform for themselves. The characters find themselves embroiled in secrets, intrigue and deception all the way as they attempt to recommission the platform. They will have to face piracy, the duplicity of other Free Companies, the shady world of Maas' dirty tricks department and the secrets of the Schaeffer belt itself - secrets so explosive that they could ignite war across the entire Sonares system.

Beltstrike provides everything needed for adventures set in the depths of the asteroid belt. Character creation, rules for prospecting, plus the equipment needed for a career in belting. The Beltstrike campaign then takes the characters through the unfolding events of the Schaeffer belt as Lothrain Free Company struggles to realise its position against those who would see it fail.

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
September 5th, 2012
This is a whole lot more than an 'adventure' - as well as a complete campaign, there's a wealth of information about asteroid belts, those hazardous and chaotic assemblies of loose rocks that are a feature of many star systems. There are notes on gener [...]
Robert O. [Featured Reviewer]
June 25th, 2011
In few shorts words: I just fisnished "Tripwire" for "Traveller" from Mongoose. "Beltsrike" have something in common with it - a HUGE amount of adventure ideas. Not only to be used with "Traveller" (this part is [...]
August 8th, 2010
This is the Mongoose Traveller version of the original Beltstrike. I have to say, even though i am not a big fan of the MT stuff, this is a well done product that provides a lot of detail regarding many of the different aspects of the belting (prospect [...]
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