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Jaws of the Six Serpents
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Jaws of the Six Serpents

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Silver Branch Games takes the fan-favourite PDQ system into the realms of sword-and-sorcery and the darker sides of fantasy.

People like Jaws because it gives you what you need to get playing quickly, in one compact book, clearly explained and laid out.

The PDQ rules let you define your character by whatever you think is most important about them, and then provide simple frameworks for resolving any type of conflict, from mortal combat to devious negotiations. This book includes the standard PDQ rules, followed by a bunch of new material to slant them towards pulpy and darker fantasy - like danger levels and freeform sorcery.

The setting sketches out a classically-inspired sword and sorcery land. Peoples, outlined in a few paragraphs each, are both origins for characters and locations for adventures. From the bustling streets of Sartain to the forest ruins of Temisarum, from the moors of Kalet to the desolate sands of the Empty Cup, wonder and peril await!

Notes for the GM give advice on running the game and adapting it for different settings.

Also check out these Jaws supplements!

Serpents' Teeth - a GM's resource, with adventures, adventure frameworks and resources for using Jaws.

The Blizzard's Teeth - a standalone adventure with pregen characters, ideal for convention or pick-up games.

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April 7th, 2016
The size of the book was a little smaller than I expected, but the print was large enough to read.I found the PDQ version easier to understand than the core rules, and the rules lite system much better than most systems. [...]
July 7th, 2011
I bought this PDF when it first came out, and it's one of the few that I like more every time I read through it. Of course I'm a classic Sword & Sorcery fan and a rules-lite game enthusiast. The PDQ system works well with the genre, as characters [...]
July 18th, 2010
Jaws of the Six Serpents is a Medieval-type fantasy genre world for the free PDQ game system. The PDF / book has a very nicely-done layout and wonderful artwork to accent the information. While the setting is very detailed, it tends toward a da [...]
April 14th, 2009
I confess mI'm relatively new to tabletop roleplaying, having a meagre three sessions of Dark Heresy under my belt, but I purchased the JAWS pdf due to the positive things I'd been hearing about the PDQ play system. The core mechanics focus heavily on [...]
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