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Guild Adventurer #3
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Guild Adventurer #3


The third issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived! The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. In this, the third issue, we have four adventures and one campaign resource article:

  • "The Keeper of the Thorn", a Shadow World adventure set on the continent of Jaiman and a followup to the recent Xa-ar regional module. Written by Terry Amthor himself, the creator of Kulthea, this is dual-statted for RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP;
  • "The Quiet Time", an adventure set in the stunning Echoes of Heaven setting (but usable in any world!) by Echoes creator, Robert Defendi. Dual-statted for Rolemaster and HARP;
  • "Identity Theft" - this scenario will be an unexpected challenge for any successful party. This is a Spacemaster:Privateers adventure by Robert Defendi, author and designer of the entire Spacemaster:Privateers product line;
  • "Dust to Dust", a diverting and dangerous interlude adventure by Marc Rosen, team leader on the Rolemaster Classic products for ICE. This has been statted for RM Classic, RMSS/FRP, and HARP
  • "Sweating the Small Stuff: Money in Fantasy Role-Playing Campaigns", gamemaster advice and adventure ideas for any system by long-time Rolemaster aficionados, Laura Trauth and Terence Wynne.

with original artwork by Rick Hansen, project artist for Friends & Rivals, Guild Adventurer #1 & #2 and Rolemaster Companion I, and layout by Andrew Ridgway.

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September 20th, 2013
The Guild Adventurer magazines are awesome. They provide some great gaming supplements that are extremely helpful in in or out of a pinch. You can't beat the low cost of these PDF's for the quality and amount of what you get in each ezine. They are mor [...]
December 3rd, 2011
The Guild Adventure product keep getting better. This issue include a number of good points. A very good article about coins in fantasy games, some good adventure material including a classic crawl with undead and a fun adventure about sci fi adventure [...]
April 19th, 2009
Still a very good work, with scenarios for various ICE worlds. Interesting SM adventure, and the usual high standard of Terry Amthor's Shadow World campaigns. [...]
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