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Ever Defiant!

Patriot, the legendary leader of the Defiance, is dead, executed by the fascist government he was working to bring down. People - both deltas and regs - rios int eh streets, and anarchy reigns across this battered country. Renegades on the run everywhere look to the one organization that started this all, the one group of people that might be able to bring it all to an end, the one last hope for restoring democracy to the United States of America: the Defiance!

But the Defiance isn't all it's cracked up to be, hardly the unified front it desperately needs to be to have a prayer to be able to stand up against the government. One faction argues for stubborn resistance, another for all-out war. A third insists on takeing the high road of peace, while the last calls for a mass delta exodus to a newly founded homeland far from America's troubled shores.

If Patriot was still here, he might have been able to bring all these divisive groups together, to rally them under a single banner. But Patriot is dead and gone.

Is the dream gone too?

Defiants - the latest sourcebook for Brave New World - comes packed with details on the Defiance and its various factions and their leaders, all struggling to bring their unique vision to the fore. It features six brand-new power packages to create new kinds of heroes with, plus details on the final fate of Patriot, the greatest martyr for the Defiance.

Make a stand for what's right.

Ever Defiant!

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
October 29th, 2014
As is becoming established pattern, this book begins with a substantial chunk of in-character pages from the DeltaTimes website. As that's pretty much the mouthpiece for the Defiance organisation, it is extremely relevant in this case! This time [...]
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