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Wild Talents: The Kerberos Club

Wild Talents: The Kerberos Club

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The Heroes and Villains of a Strange Century!

Doctor Archibald Monroe, the erudite chemist and physician-chimpanzee.

"Stony" Joe Smithson, the honest London boxer, transformed into living rock.

Maeve O'Connel, Queen of the Mudlarks, the eternal child touched by Faerie.

The Lady Mirabel, who by darkness defends Whitechapel as the terrifying Night Hag.

When the victims and enthusiasts of magic and bizarre science meet in an infamous club for "the Strange," thrilling action is sure to follow!

The Kerberos Club is a Wild Talents sourcebook for superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London. It includes a treatment of Victorian society in its every particular, especially the incredible and sometimes awful changes that "the Strangeness" comes to wreak upon Queen and Country alike.

The Kerberos Club gives Wild Talents players every tool they need to create new heroes and villains in a world that is at the same time familiar and alien—a world made more of both by the Strangeness that grips it and the dangers that threaten it.

There is, after all, every good reason for the club's motto: "MALUM NECESSARIUM."

Written by multiple Ennie Award nominee Benjamin Baugh, with art by Lanny Liu and Todd Shearer and page design by Fred Hicks and Shane Ivey.


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October 19th, 2012
Tremendously entertaining mixture of Victorian steampunk and superheroes. One can set the level of weirdness (or "Strangeness", to use the parlance of the book) at whatever level works best for you and your players. This is cleverly accomplis [...]
August 7th, 2012
Steampunk superheroes seem to be all the rage lately and with great books like The Kerberos Club, I can see why. My only quibble, and I guess it's really more a request (vain hope) for a web supplement giving more details or examples of the challenge [...]
September 14th, 2011
For those who have never heard of it, The Kerberos Club is a source-book written by Benjamin Baugh which uses the rules from Wild Talents 2nd Ed and takes a spin of a glorious Arc Dream conceit: What if individuals with super-powers cropped up in diffe [...]
August 4th, 2010
Probably the best setting of the Wild Talents bunch. Great stuff. and production values all around. [...]
July 8th, 2010
One of the richest and most detailed campaign settings I've ever seen. Witty writing and top-notch humor merge with a grim, gritty, chaotic world. I recommend it to any GM wanting to throw his players into an interesting new setting. [...]
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