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Cerberus Stock Art: A Decade Of Fantasy

Cerberus Stock Art: A Decade Of Fantasy


A Decade Of Fantasy is a collection of 100 stock art images. While some are previously unreleased, many of these images can be found in my other collections. Please review this product carefully to ensure that you don't purchase images you already own. Your satisfaction is very important to me. The images are 8.5x11 300dpi in full color and 1/4 page greyscale images are also provided resulting in 125 pages of actual content. Admittedly, not all images may be cosidered suitable for use as covers or full page illustrations by everyone because of lack of detail or simplicity of the image. However, as this detail is subjective I have included all images at full page size. Some image elements are used in more than one composition. Again, please review the images carefully before you decide to purchase this product.


**This is a .PDF product. You will need to be able to extract and manipulate pages from a .PDF file to use this product effectively.


License: The images in this collection are royalty free. They may be cropped, colored, edited or otherwise manipulated in any way the purchaser sees fit. They may be used for covers, interior illustrations, card and board games or web projects.


Restrictions: Only two restrictions apply to these images.

They may not be resold as stock art.

They may not be used in commercial print runs over 100 pieces without further contract negotiation with Cerberus Illustration.


It is not required to credit Joe Calkins, Cerberus Illustration or in your project credits but doing so would be appreciated.


Thank you for purchasing Cerberus Illustration products!



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June 28th, 2013
Fantastic buy! The artwork is very high quality, mostly fantasy themed with some sci-fi. Each picture is a full page spread in full colour, with smaller greyscale images of same reduced to 4 on a page at the end. As a publisher I found this art pack to [...]
December 7th, 2012
A wonderful collection to be sure. The fact that so much of his work has been put together into a single package shows a varying progression in both style and proficiency and in all cases, they are, well they're just great. [...]
June 28th, 2010
Any self publisher who buys this product with the intention of using it in his or her publications should go to jail. Why? Because to get this much art of this level of quality for this low of a price can only be described as a steal! 100 pieces of col [...]
May 20th, 2010
This is, quite simply, an awesome product for publishers. With many full colour art works useable as covers or for colour interiors, as well as smaller quarter page black and white art, all drawn in a very nice style. [...]
Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer]
April 17th, 2010
This is a huge collection of fantasy and sci-fi art with a diverse range of subjects, from individuals to groups. Most of the paintings appear to be dark fantasy or post-apocalypse in subject, though there are several that could fall into more generic [...]
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