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What's better than a free online generator? A generator that you can take with you wherever you go, with or without internet. A generator that lets you edit results, save them to a file, or print them directly.

The Pantheon Generator Portable is a standalone version of the incredibly popular Pantheon Generator at Chaotic Shiny. Create diverse, original pantheons with the click of a button. 

Here's an example of a god from one randomly generated pantheon:

    Draek, the God of Life, Dance and the Moon, is quite beautiful, with brown skin, dark golden hair, and eyes the color of green leaves. He is average height and solidly built, and almost never frowns. He usually wears formal attire dyed medium yellow and dark blue.

       He is also associated with music, fate and borders. He is often worshipped by village folk. His many followers can be primarily distinguished by their hairstyle. There are many temples to him on islands. There are many myths involving his daring adventures with Ziroe. He is the son of Bitrev. He is known to help great mortal warriors.

The generator is written in .NET, so it should work on all recent versions of Windows and quite a few *nix boxes and Macs as well (assuming you have an emulator).

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November 14th, 2015
Easy to use and very detailed, this is a great source for random pantheons. Useful for both games where the players travel worlds frequently and the GM doesn't want to spend a lot of time coming up with Gods for a single session and for ideas to base [...]
February 12th, 2014
This little item is more of a novelty item than a serious gaming accessory, but then, creating a pantheon for your campaign setting requires careful thought and planning, right? I've got to say that I have gotten some results on this little gem that ha [...]
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