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Call to Arms: Bloodsworn
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Call to Arms: Bloodsworn

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#1 on RPG CountdownDeath can lurk anywhere: around the next dungeon corner, in the shadows of a dark alley, or even in the cellars and gardens of noble homes. The Bloodsworn is blessed with preternatural awareness and uncanny toughness, and stands at eternal vigil to defend the weak and helpless. With a select few he shares a supernatural bond, a union that binds them in body and soul.
Depending on the campaign, a Bloodsworn could be...

• A mystical guardian, obliged by ancestral oath to guard the lives of his masters
• A devoted father who will go to any length to protect his child
• A blood-brother of mages who's absorbed some of their arcane power
• A sacred warrior sent by the gods to protect the innocent from the scourge of evil
• A royal guardian whose duty is fueled by sublime zeal
• A grizzled sellsword whose love of gold drives him to ever greater (and perhaps reckless) action

This expert class expansion also includes a new Basic Combat feat chain, drawing tricky enemies into private fights and away from your allies!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing..

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