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T-Builder - Mansion

T-Builder - Mansion

ZIP File

T-Builder - Mansion

This is a multi-layered pdf file.

Now you can design your own interiors!

Print the draft map (empty grids), construct your maps, and next build up these in the T-Builder!

This set includes:

- Base grounds, and wall
- Doors, windows
- Stairs
- Carpet, bear fur
- Fireplace
- Beds
- Tables
- Chairs
- Standing, lying barrels
- Sacks, boxes
- Chests
- Cupboards
- Long tables & stool
- Glasses
- Plant, map, basket, ...

1" sized game tiles

You can use this tiles for many games, or stories!

If you have any kind of problem, idea or suggestion, write to Me please!

This is a pdf file, it is not possible to save. You have to prepare it and print out or use the "print to file" virtual printer program.

Try the free Lite version!

You need Adobe Acrobat reader 8 or later .

Click here, that download the map what made in the video.

builder sample

This is the tutorial video of the T-Builder Fireworld, you can use for this product too:


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New products just waiting for you!


New products are just waiting for you!


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April 24th, 2014
Wish we'd have stuff like this with Red Box!! :) I bought this after trialing the basic freebie, which I made some basic crypt tiles and an inn interior with to play a bash n grab game of Pathfinder with With a bit of imagination you can create [...]
Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
April 6th, 2012
The T-Builder line uses PDF layers and form controls to let you lay various bits on top of a basic background. It’s a little bit like using Dundjinni, only much more constrained. The Mansion pack lets you place various kinds of furniture on one of three [...]
William W. [Featured Reviewer]
February 21st, 2012
A very easy method of creating quick maps for RPGs that use miniatures. One drawback is that the maps cannot be saved for future use (though anyone familiar with print-to-PDF utilities should be able to work around this). Overall, this is a reasonably [...]
October 17th, 2010
Unfortunately I purchased this item without knowing it does not have a Save feature. The ads for the Bundle or the individual products do not state that. But luckily there are screen capture programs to solve that problem, otherwise I would have given [...]
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