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Ultimate Fantasy Deal  (011) [bundle]

Ultimate Fantasy Deal (011) [bundle]


 DRAGONSHIRE: Blacksmith & Stables
 Regular price: $3.99
 Bundle price: $2.50

Fat Dragon Games is proud to announce DRAGONSHIRE, a ground breaking new series of 3D fantasy city sets. This expansion set features a blacksmith, stables, gallows, water well and new ground and street tiles for your city. We've even included the horse poop... 'cause every town needs horse poop!

This PDF includes:

Grassy Street Tiles Blacksmith Tile Stable Tile Grass & Dirt Tile Well Gallows Complete with Noose Stable Blacksmith Forge Wooden Barrel with Water Blacksmith Table with Tools Blacksmith Anvil This Dragonshire Expansion Set comes with everything seen here.


 DRAGONSHIRE: City Interiors
 Regular price: $11.99
 Bundle price: $9.99

DRAGONSHIRE: Interiors takes our award winning E-Z Dungeons model designs above ground. Richly detailed walls and furnishings allow you to create building interiors for your campaign, from the stuffed dragons head mounted on the wall to the outhouse out back, we've got you covered. This set utilizes our all new 'E-Z Layout' designs, allowing you to lay out buildings on-the-fly during your game quickly and easily. These new subassembly designs allow you to make virtually any floorplan from a handful of basic shapes. New wall and corridor options give you greater design flexibility, and our new attachment techniques make securing your building design a snap. We have included multiple versions of some models for multiple skill levels, such as our pre-printed doors for beginners and more c...

 Regular price: $3.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

Every city has ruined buildings, and Dragonshire is no exception. From burned out roofs to almost completely demolished buildings, we've got your needs for destruction covered! This set includes a ruined roof, complete with interior detail, that can be added to any of the 4x5 buildings from the Dragonshire Deluxe Edition model set. A stand-alone ruined building corner, complete with second level and multiple texture options is also included. We've also included all new DIRT ROAD tiles for Dragonshire (including a transition tile from the cobblestone streets in the Deluxe Edition set) and add-on fire effects also enhance your Dragonshire city models as well. Finally, this set features our exclusive DRAGON LAYERS texture options that allow YOU to customize the artwork before printing the ...

 DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition
 Regular price: $12.99
 Bundle price: $8.50



DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition takes your fantasy game to new heights... literally. This all new village set features raised roads, user customizable signs, bridges, a bell tower and much more! Our new stacking designs for building sections make constructing your town on-the-fly during your game a snap. Hot swappable interior floorplan tiles allow you to customize your building in seconds, and rooftop adapter pieces allow you to stage miniature fights on top of buildings! As with all of our sets, these models are designed for the beginner card modeler. 


This set includes:

• Flat street and sidewalk tiles (no grid, natural grid and marked grid vers...

 DRAGONSHIRE: Guard Post & Armory
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $2.99

Every city needs a city guard, and they need somewhere to stash their weapons! DRAGONSHIRE: Guard Post & Armory provides a four level guard tower and armory, complete with weapon and armor racks, opening trap doors, ladders and more. Our exclusive DRAGON LAYERS options allow you to customize the building textures before printing. Easy to build, this fully detailed building is a perfect addition to your Dragonshire city!


Free GSD autocutter files are available on the FDG website for customers with Craftrobo and Silhouette SD machines.

A note to our customers: All of the models featured in our promotional photos were built by hand, with just the simple hobby tools recommended in our model sets (hobby knife, straight edge, paper...

 DRAGONSHIRE: Market Square
 Regular price: $5.75
 Bundle price: $3.99

Welcome to the bustling market district of Dragonshire! Customizable stalls allow you to select canopy styles and colors, booth items to be displayed and more. From carts with apples and flour to the stocks for unruley citizens, everything you need is here including a massive dragon fountain! This set includes:


• Stone dragon fountain.

• Market stall with 30 different canopy options and multiple selectable goods for sales table

• Two wheeled carts with various contents

• Stocks

• New ground tiles


Please note that the buildings shown in the background are not included. These are available in the DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition model set.


 DRAGONSHIRE: The Cemetery
 Regular price: $8.99
 Bundle price: $5.99

Fat Dragon Games is proud to announce DRAGONSHIRE, a ground breaking new series of 3D fantasy city sets. This expansion set features the olde town cemetery complete with open graves!

This PDF includes:

Cemetery tiles Cemetery walls and gate 3D raised platform terrain complete with dug out graves Stand alone dug grave Mausoleums Sarcophagus with opening lid Various tombstones, grave markers and more Coffins Dirt mounds for open graves This Dragonshire Expansion Set comes with everything seen here.

Cover the open graves with either flat grass covers or 3D mounded dirt covers

Our exclusive E-Z Tab raised terrain design allows you to lay out your c...

 DRAGONSHIRE: Windmill & Cottage
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $5.99

A decaying windmill and abandoned cottage are the newest additions to the growing DRAGONSHIRE model series. The windmill features three fully detailed interior floors, complete with millstones and drive shaft and gear works. The thatched roof cottage has interior complete with fireplace. Both models feature our groundbreaking DRAGON LAYERS texture options, allowing YOU to customize the models before printing!





 E-Z DUNGEONS: Caverns of Chaos
 Regular price: $12.99
 Bundle price: $7.99

Caverns of Chaos provides you with a completely modular cavern construction system. Easy to build and featuring lush graphics, this set includes flowing lava falls, a modular bridge system that includes our exclusive no-slip construction system that allows you to put miniatures on inclines, a massive dragon skeleton, stalagmites, tiered terrain, and much more.This PDF includes:Modular cavern walls (1", 2" and 4" lengths)Modular bridge and ledge system, expandableModular elevated floor models (6 styles/heights)'L' wall intersectionT' wall intersection'X' wall intersectionCavern wall opening 2"Cavern wall opening 4"Flowing lava fallLava tiles (multiple styles)Water tiles (multiple styles)Crevice tiles (multiple sizes)Massive dragon skeletonStalagmites (small)Stala...

 E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition
 Regular price: $14.99
 Bundle price: $7.99

The easiest 3D dungeon model set just got easier! Fat Dragon Games is proud to present E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition, the all new successor to our award winning E-Z Dungeons: Basic Set. This new model set features richly detailed graphics, new items, new layout and attachment techniques, and even more builder-friendly assembly designs. This set utilizes our all new 'E-Z Layout' designs, allowing you to create dungeons on-the-fly during your game quickly and easily. These new subassembly designs allow you to make virtually any dungeon from a handful of basic shapes. New wall and corridor options give you greater design flexibility, and our new attachment techniques make securing your dungeon design a snap. We have included multiple versions of some models for multiple skill levels, such as o...

 E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 1
 Regular price: $3.49
 Bundle price: $0.99

E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 1 brings a new level of excitement to your dungeon layouts... literally! This new set provides elevated floor sections to create exciting multi-level combats and dungeon designs. This set includes:

• 1" elevated modular floor sections in 1x1", 1x2", 1x3", 1x4", 1x6", 2x2", 2x3", 2x4", 2x6" sizes

• 2" wide stair section

• Wall section with barred grate

• New sludge floor tile

• 4" wide 'L' corner in new 3" wall height

• All new 3" tall wall sections in 2", 3", 4" and 6" lengths

• 1" door riser model for use with new 3" tall walls



 E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 2
 Regular price: $4.75
 Bundle price: $1.99

The dungeon just got a little more dangerous! E-Z DUNGEONS Expansion Set 2 offers you new options for your dungeon. Fully customizable texture art on walls allows you to add stains, blood, alcoves and more making you the true master of your dungeon! Spiral stairs, modular dais, alcoves, steel doors and even a giant gelatinous cu... er... Cube-O'-Snot monster is included. This set includes:

• 3D Alcove

• Modular Dais

• Wall with magic portal (with optional portal art)

• Stone gargoyle with pedestal 

• Large steel double doors

• Cube-o-snot gelatinous monster

• Spiral staircase

• New optional tiles

• 2" Wall with multiple texture options

• 4" Wal...

 E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 3
 Regular price: $6.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

Time to go up a level! E-Z DUNGEONS Expansion Set 3 introduces our E-Z LOCK system that allows you to build multi-level designs that can be disassembled for easy storage. All new wall textures turn your dungeon into a temple or crypt, including a massive multi-story idol (four different idol statues included.) Our all new E-Z LOCK system is compatable with all previous E-Z DUNGEON terrain sets, protecting your investment in FDG products. So what are you waiting for? Take your party up a level with E-Z DUNGEONS today!


This set includes:


New straight walls with new texture design (multiple texture options available)

New main door design

New backwall with idol opening

2" and 4&qu;...

 E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 4
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $3.99

Hey GMs, got a problem PC giving you fits? Well your problems are over, Fat Dragon Games has a torture room for your game! This set is completely decked out with all kinds of devices to eliminate that pesky character, from racks and iron maidens to guillotines and cages. We also give you the ability to customize the model textures before printing with stains, blood splatters, skeletons and more. This model set includes:




•Iron Maiden

•Large Cage

•Small Cage

•Judas Cradle

•Table with Torture Devices

•Floor Pit with iron Doors

•Brazier with Fire

•Brazier Unlit

•New Square Dungeon Doors (2 styles)


 E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 5
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

You've asked for more dungeon props and we're delivering! This set includes bookcases (4 shelf options and three colors of wood), broken tables, grungy bedding, crates of various sizes and spiral staircases your minis can stand on. Our DRAGONLAYERS options allow you to customize these models before printing, and our easy to follow, full color instructions make assembly a snap!





 E-Z DUNGEONS: Mechanical Traps
 Regular price: $3.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

Have you ever wished you could kill off that annoying player quickly and easily, without arousing the suspicions of the other payers? Well now you can! E-Z DUNGEONS: Mechanical Traps gives you a whole selection of lethal goodies to stock your dungeon with. Slice 'em, dice 'em, dissolve them with acid, drown them, burn them, whatever you feel like! All traps feature our easy build designs and award winning texture art. Kill 'em all... you know you want to!

This PDF includes:

Flowing Acid Trap Flowing Water Trap Ceiling Blade Trap Circular Saw Floor Trap (two versions) Fire Trap (two sizes) Floor Spike Trap Lava Pit Trap Water Pit Trap Green Slime Pit Trap 'The Squasher' Wal...

Total value:$102.87
Special bundle price:$70.86
Savings of:$32.01 (31%)


Don't miss a single set of E-Z DUNGEONS!



Don't miss a single set of DRAGONSHIRE!


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