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Mirrors: Bleeding Edge
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Mirrors: Bleeding Edge


Cyberpunk destroyed science fiction.

Science fiction was about man's potential. Science fiction was about how man could reach out and touch the stars. We could be better. We could be worse. All we needed was the technology.

Cyberpunk was not that. Cyberpunk said man would be the same damn bastard he always was, he'd have the same problems he always did, and worst of all? He'd still be happy with it. In those days, cyberpunk was arcologies and AIs. Built-in shades and monomolecular razor-wire.

Seems a little silly now, right? The technology didn't turn out that way. But the world did. Technology is pervasive and invasive and amazing and all it has done is made us more who we were before.

Sound like the World of Darkness? It should.

This book includes:
• Themes and props for two styles of cyberpunk game: Tomorrow Country and Metalground

• Origin, Role and Plugin Merits to add mechanical elements to your character's background, occupation, and technological implants

• A new kind of Morality: Alienation

This book is inspired by World of Darkness: Mirrors, but Mirrors is not needed to use this material.

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May 27th, 2016
Overall this is a good supplement. The art is evocative, and the layout is easy to read. I really would have like to have a lot more lists of cyberware (cyberpunk is all about the tech!) but it would not be that hard to "roll your own". That' [...]
Michael A. [Featured Reviewer]
January 30th, 2013
There are already a lot of reviews for this 23 page product, so I'm not sure how much I can add... but I figure I should chim in. The Bleeding Edge is good. It's well written and presents the core themes of Cyberpunk, along with some new Merits [...]
Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer]
May 9th, 2011
'World of Darknes: Mirrors' was an exciting title. Basically, it gave you all of the tools to disassemble the nWoD and refashion it in the image that best suited your gaming group. It gave a wide variety of genres, new rules and some alternative charac [...]
February 1st, 2011
Absolutely fantastic addition to Mirrors. Those complaining about its lack of content don't seem to understand what this actually was - this is cut material (fleshed out a bit) from a storyteller's book for reworking the World of Darkness as you see fi [...]
February 1st, 2011
Feels unfinished and somewhat lacking. I was looking forward and as a ST without a lot of extra time on my hands I find the lack of Pre-generated cybernetics and lack of better Netrunning rules a let down. Shorted then its counterpart book I feel that [...]
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