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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre
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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre


Beyond the ring lurks a moon whose very shape-whose very essence-is formed of squirming thorns, tangled hedgerows, and alien trees.

Inside a defunct planetary outpost, a throng of self-made monsters fuses cable and hull scrap to one another's reanimated flesh, each powered by elements never seen by man.

Layered beneath this plane of existence is another: a place of dead stars and skull-ships, a wretched Otherspace, a haunted Underworld.

This is the Infinite Macabre.

This book includes:
• Suggestions and rules shifts on how to incorporate the World of Darkness into a space opera game

• Rules for starships and starship combat

• Guidance on making your own alien species

This book is inspired by World of Darkness: Mirrors, but Mirrors is not needed to use this material.

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June 11th, 2013
Good product, especially for people who're trying to port the World of Darkness to other settings whose native RPGs have kludgey or confusing game mechanics (like almost every Star Wars RPG that I've seen to date). This takes the grunt work out of the [...]
April 5th, 2012
Decent, overall, but a little too short. Not enough examples of some of the concepts in action. The toolkit aspect of this book gives it the 3 stars all alone, but the last two stars just could not be earned without a bit more to spur the imagin [...]
August 11th, 2011
I've been a fan of White Wolf since the original Vampire released, and I'll admit from the outset that I think the company has been declining in quality ever since the "new" World of Darkness first reared its ugly head. Or even sooner. [...]
July 2nd, 2011
Infinite Macabre is a toolkit book for doing Space Opera stories in the World of Darkness. The book contains a short section on the setting and brief rules on using spaceships, a long section on adapting each of the seven gamelines, and then a short se [...]
April 14th, 2011
A mostly well written and put together piece. I personally enjoyed how they gave you the tools to create your universe vs. actually doing it for you. And some of the solutions they provide for vampires and werewolves were stuff I would never have thoug [...]
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