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The Secrets of (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]

The Secrets of (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]

Multiple File Formats

 The Secrets of Adventuring (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $10.49
 Bundle price: $11.99

There Is Always Another Path!

The Secrets of Adventuring offers a host of new insights and options for your characters to make your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game feel new again!

Within you will find three new classes the Taskshaper so you can be the shapechanger and mimic you always wanted to be; The Luckbringer so you can play the luckiest being alive and manipulate the outcome of nearly any random situation. You will also find the Divine Channler and use your sacred or profane powers in new a different ways based on the domains you choose, even if you are just a cleric, this will change the way your character channels energy.

You will also find a host of new Tactical Archetypes for every class so you no longer have to rely on simple brute for...

 The Secrets of Divine Channeling (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $0.50

No two fantasy gods manifest the same, so why should their clerics channel energy the same way?

With The Secrets of Divine Channeling at your fingertips, they don’t have to! This follow-up to the best selling The Secrets of Martial Mastery is written by Jonathan McAnulty (Coliseum Morpheuon, Ecology of the Froghemoth) bringing you new channeling effects for every domain you can imagine and a few you’ve probably forgotten.

Check out the Divine Channeler, a base class option focused on mastering the pure, unfiltered energy of the gods. Consider the eight new feats to give your divine caster more options when channeling, like Channeled Blast, Enlarged Channeling and Maximized Channeling. Revel in the new rules for Domain ...

 The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $0.50


Potions, Scrolls, and Runes!

Delve into wonders lost to antiquity and hidden from the eyes of men-discover The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items. Craft overloaded potions to fling at enemies, or contingent potions which patiently wait for the proper situation. Place precious liquids in enchanted flasks and give your potions an extra kick. Scribe Dweomer Sigil scrolls to subtly augment spells or fashion delicately folded Arcanami creatures-the artistic, animated manifestations of spells. Decipher the art of Cruth Galdr runes and invest items and structures with elegant magical effects like the Fulminating Rune or the Rune of Hidden Spaces. The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items comes packed with feats like Flask Ench...

 The Secrets of Martial Mastery (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50

Fight with Flair!

Do not just stand there and slug it out with your opponent. Learn to use combat maneuvers! Even if you do not have the feat, you can still try it. You are only going to provoke an attack of opportunity. Hey, didn’t that stupid barbarian already use up that dragon’s attack of opportunity for the round? You could prevent the dragon from using its breath weapon, or maybe that nasty bite attack. Maybe you want to grapple your opponent, pick him up, and actually throw him into another opponent! In addition, you could pull a rope-a-dope on that charmed friend of yours and then choke or sap him into submission rather than having to kill him. Come and learn at the feet of the Masters of the Arts, learn The Secrets of Martial Mastery. Within ...

 The Secrets of Renegade Archetypes (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $1.56
New Archetypes for 3rd Party Publisher Classes

The Secrets for Renegade Archetypes gives you - yes, you guessed it - new archetypes for the most popular base classes created by your favorite 3rd party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Publishers allowing you to make the most out of the most radical and revolutionary designs available for the PFRPG. 

The classes (and their archetypes) supported by this product are as follows:  


Divine Upholder: A mystic, stalwart shield user protected by guardian spirits, resistant to spells and resilient. Juggernaut: A brutal warrior slamming himself onto his enemies, moving and trampling them with his powerful charges.

Divine Channeler

Iconist: An artist with divine inspiration, creatin...

 The Secrets of Renegade Archetypes II (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $5.99
Even More New Archetypes for 3rd Party Publisher Classes

The Secrets for Renegade Archetypes II gives you - yes, you guessed it - even more new archetypes for the most popular base classes created by your favorite 3rd Party Publishers allowing you to make the most out of the most radical and revolutionary designs available for the Pathfinder Rolplaying Game. 

The classes (and their archetypes) supported by this product are as follows:  

Death Knight (Rogue Genius Games)

Death Paramours use their bond with the Low Road to steal the souls of their departing victims before they have a chance to face final judgment, and raise their undead bodies as servants and temporary vessels for their own soul.



 The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
Not every leader rides into the face of the enemy on a shining steed. 

The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes offers six new options for conflict-oriented cavaliers, gunslingers, magi, rangers, samurai, and summoners who want to do more than just win battles-they want to win the war! Create a Celestial Commander (Summoner) and call forth the devout against heresy! Play an Inspiring Commander (Cavalier) and show your allies how to lead by example. Design a Mechanist (Gunslinger) and let spellcasting foes try to claim your sidearm from cold, calculating fingers. Give a howl and let your Pack Hunter (Ranger) loose his wolves against any foolish enough to contest him. Epitomize the serene, unflinching resolve of bushido with the Shogun (Samurai) or weave a cloak of protective magic...

 The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
A fair fight is a sign of poor tactics

The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II offers fourteen new options for conflict-oriented characters who want to do more than just fight with honor they want to lead their companions to victory! These are new options that compliment the original but this book functions on its own as a stand-alone product.  Create a Force Commander (Wizard) and manipulate you foes as if they were on a chess board! Play an Aethurgist (Oracle) and bind the spirits of the dead to your will!  Design a Circle Warden (Witch) and bond your group together in a ring of abjuration.

Within these pages you will find the 

Alchemist: Spellchymist a gifted resercher whose extracts take effect at range, emulating the spells of othe...

 The Secrets of the Bravo (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $0.99
 Bundle price: $1.95
What do we say to the God of Death?  Not today. 

The Secrets of the Bravo brings you a new base class for those who want to play a swashbuckler, a bravosi water dancer, or a wuxia swordsman. Try out unique Fighting Techniques, Engaging Feints, or expend Élan to create the most cinematic and dramatic of encounters.

If you looking for a lightly armored warrior who wields a light weapon in one hand and lives by his wits, his courage, and his panache then look no further than The Secrets of the Bravo.


 The Secrets of the Gunslinger (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
You do not aim with your hand. 

The Secrets of the Gunslinger offers 4 new archetypes, 30 new feats and one new monster template so that the vision you have of your gunslinger can easily be obtained an explored.  It offers the Buccaneer of the Black powder, so you can embrace the golden age of piracy; The Fire Artist which embraces the eastern traditon of marital arts and firearms; The Hexslinger bringing you a bit of flavor from the wierd west, and the Wandslinger for those campagin settings that don't have or allow firearms. The Gunslinger Wraith is a new monster template that focuses on an accursed firearm that continues to bring a soul back from beyond the grave, with ammunition that saps the lifeforce from its targets at range. 

Brought to you by...

 The Secrets of the Inquisitor (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
“You will not just give the inquisitor what he wants, but what you imagine might please him!”

The Secrets of the Inquisitor offers 6 new archetypes, 5 new inquisitions, 36 new feats for solo tactics and 11 new judgements so that the vision you have of your inqusitor can easily be obtained an explored.  It offers the Heron of the Fountain, so you can prohibit the social ills of the bottle and the herb; The Thief-Taker which embraces the dark and seedy underworld of private manhunters; The Monster Hunter bringing you a chance to fight the supernatural, the Questioner of Trail and Tide who hunts bandits of the land and the pirates of the sea, The Truth Seeker who cares only for the answers to his questions, Purifiers of the Burning Pentacle who use hellfire ag...

 The Secrets of the Luckbringer (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $0.99
 Bundle price: $0.50

Wanted: players who want good fortunes rather than great plans.

This new base class is designed for use by player characters at every level of play; allowing the character to manipulate probablities. The Luckbringer's abilites allow it to make narrow escapes, cause sudden and strange occurances to damage and hinder thier opponents,and increase its chance of making a critical hit. This class can also be easily introduced into any new campaign with a simple plug and play first person introduction.  The Secrets of the Luckbringer is brought to you by the same designer who crafted the hugely successful Book of Monster Templates and the best-selling Feats 101. In addition, the product is the fifth book in &quo...

 The Secrets of the Magus (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
50% Mage, 50% Warrior, 100% Awesome. 

The Secrets of the Magus offers 34 new magus arcana so that the vision you have of your martial mage can easily be obtained an explored. In addition it offers a new archetype the singer of the blades so that your elven warrior wizard can embrace the most ancient and honorable martial art of the earlier eras of play. There are also seven new feats that enhance the existing magus archetypes so that you can find yourself on equal footing with any other core character class and there are new magical items that allow you to potentially assume the powers of other magic weapons so that you never have to feel the need to abandoned your favored weapon. Finally there is a new sword of legacy which could be used by any magus but may be extremely w...

 The Secrets of the Masquerade Reveler (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $0.99
 Bundle price: $0.99
Let yourself be whisked away to the world of the fey!

The critically acclaimed masquerade reveler is a mysterious warrior that draws upon the primal powers of the realm of Faerie to gain a versatile assortment of abilities from her many masks, infusing herself with eidolon evolutions for a limited time. The basic concept is simple, but the customization can be intense. 

The Secrets of the Masquerade Reveler  contains everything you need to play a compelling masquerade reveler (barbarian archetype), whether you're a beginner or a veteran, including:

Over 101 prebuilt masks, including masks so you can emulate the iconic powers of every fey in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (and beyond) Powerful forbidden masks to unlock, including two masks specifically for M...

 The Secrets of the Oracle (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $0.50
I Foretold You So!

The power of the oracle, be it gift or curse? Regardless these chosen vessels of divine power delve ever deeper into their sacred mysteries. Some of these mysteries lead to the discoveries of new mysteries, new curses, and new archetypes for the initiates to explore. Read on and learn The Secrets of the Oracle!

Within this product you will find:

Six new mysteries (Arcana, Darkness, Luck, Primeval, Rot, and Sound) to help add additional atmosphere of mysticism to your oracle.   Six new oracle curses (Bad luck, Emotionless, Hated, Simpleminded, Technical Ineptitude, and Voices) to add exotic benefits and hindrances to your oracles status of being touched by overwhelming divine power. Six new archetypes (Ascetic, Entheogenecist, Crone, Mad Prophet,...

 The Secrets of the Taskshaper (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $0.99
 Bundle price: $0.50

Wanted: Looking for players who wish to choose the feat, skill, or ability they want when they need it.

This new base class is designed for use by player characters at every level of play; allowing the character to emulate skills, feats, class abilities, and monstrous abilities. The taskshaper can also change shape from alter self to the form of the dragon. The taskshaper can also curse a shapeshifter, trapping it in a form of the PC's choice or with but a touch turn a foe into a music box playing the PC's theme song. This class can also be easily introduced into any new campaign with a simple plug and play first person introduction.  The Secrets of the Taskshaper is brought to you by the same designer who crafted the hugely s...

Total value:$82.52
Special bundle price:$27.98
Savings of:$54.54 (66%)


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