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The Danse Macabre
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The Danse Macabre

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Sun's rising. So what?

This party's still going. I still have blood to drink. I still have one more song in me.

Across the city, some of us are crawling back to our hovels, our mansions, our coffins. But some of us aren't. Some of us are still hunting for something. Down in the closed-off subway tunnels. Up in the mightiest penthouses. Here in the warehouse district. There at the docks, under the docks, around the docks. Always hunting, forever hungry.

A lot of us, we don't pale when the sun comes up. We know we're bad folks. We know that if we get caught out there and those white teeth bite off a bit of our long shadows, well, then maybe we deserved it. We deserved it because we're stupid and we're selfish and maybe the combination of those two things means we're evil incarnate, I dunno. If it happens, it happens.

Me, I'm going to give the finger to Sol Invictus, the Ol' Sun, Big Bright Happy Face.

You hear that, sun? We don't give up the night that easy.

-Some F **king Vampire

This book is:

• A look at how to play Vampire: The Requiem at three different tiers of play: coterie, city and conspiracy

• Classic covenants made global, and a handful of entirely new covenants, including the Brides of Dracula, or the Children of the Thorns.

• A bloodbath of new rules: social combat, mental combat, gargoyles, Banes, new Humanity rules, and more.

• Ready-made chronicles, allowing you to kick down the walls and play way outside the box. Want a noir game? Vampires in the mode of Romeo and Juliet? A post-apocalyptic end-ofdays scenario? We have you covered.

Blood & Smoke

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November 8th, 2012
Wow. It's like a chronicler's guide on steroids! So many optional systems, powers, story ideas...This is just incredible. I especially liked the alternate covenant ideas and the adaptation of the Tier system first put out in Hunter; that opene [...]
Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
July 17th, 2012
The Danse Macabre is quite a major addition to the line. While other games released after Requiem have become more and more distinct from their Classic version, Requiem had the trouble of being seen as too similar to Masquerade. This also meant that the [...]
Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
May 17th, 2012
The Danse Macabre opens a wide vista of options for Vampire and to a lesser extent other World of Darkness games. If you wish to expand your campaign in any of a variety of directions, this book is full of useful tools and inspiration to do so. The [...]
Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer]
May 30th, 2011
'Danse Macabre' covers a heck of a lot of ground in 256 pages, so I'll cover the four main elements I saw as useful. Bear in mind that there is a ton of other stuff, and your value may vary depending on the type of chronicle you play or run. 1. Tiers [...]
March 31st, 2011
Amazing Product, the hacks and social combat system really take vampire up a level, putting it more in line with the rest of the World of Darkness games. [...]
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