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The tomb of the Fallen Angel

The tomb of the Fallen Angel

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"The Fallen Angel: fire and darkness. His sword rules over the living and the dead."

The real game is just beginning on these huge maps. The map is given, the story depends on you. Great stories can be easily materialized with the help of these maps.

This set contains four big maps. Of course, the function of the halls can be adjusted to suit your stories.

This product contains the following:

- four big room broken into pages
- poster-sized color jpg images

Image format:

- 1" game tiles
- PDF, Letter, 200 dpi


If you have any kind of problem, idea or suggestion, write to me please!

You need Adobe Acrobat reader 8 or later.
Good gaming!

UPDATE: I repaired the mid-tile brakes. Now already easier the assembling of the tiles. Thanks the review!

UPDATE2: We replaced the absent tile, thank you for the review, and excuse me for the mistake!


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Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
June 28th, 2012
This “battlemap” is really a complete small dungeon at 1" = 5 ft. scale. The tomb itself is a fairly large room, but there are half a dozen or so other rooms/encounter areas included. The “information” file includes a key, but it’s written in [...]
Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
July 31st, 2011
Iron Nugget I hate using words like best, because, in 10 years of reviewing, you tend to see a lot of material that always outdoes the previous. However, with Tomb of the Fallen Angel, I feel confident in saying this is the best rendered dungeon map [...]
March 27th, 2011
I loved the level of detail and coherence of the set, but nobody noticed that Tile C from the tomb is missing in the PDF? Can you send the missing tile? [...]
Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer]
March 12th, 2011
This is a set of four locations, each made up of several pages that need to be printed and "assembled" - they need to be lined up and attached to thick card. Most of the page breaks run along walls or the edges of the 1 inch tiles, but there are a few [...]
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