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All 3D Battlemaps [BUNDLE]

All 3D Battlemaps [BUNDLE]

Multiple File Formats


 Battlemap - Crystal Cave
 Regular price: $5.95
 Bundle price: $4.00

In these caverns, glowing crystals light the way through the darkness. Dangerous cliffs and precipices hang over the darkness of the pit below. A magical fountain can resurrect the dead and heal wounds. But in the wrong hands, a powerful enough creature could use it to rule over the living and the dead.

This set includes the following:

The big map broken into pages and poster sized color jpg images Orthographic view of map Isometric visual aid 100 dpi sized color jpg images for online roleplayers

Image format:

1" game tiles Size: 37"x34" PDF: U.S. Letter, 200 dpi JPG: 200 dpi and 100 dpi

If you like this, write a review, if you have any problems or ideas, send them to us by click the "contact publisher" l...

 Battlemap - Harbour of thieves
 Regular price: $7.95
 Bundle price: $5.60

Thieves or pirates always give you a good reason to begin an adventure. They can steal things that you haveto get back, you could have to escape from them, they can pitch camp in a spot the adventurers have to sneak through, or if the members of your team are a bit more mercenary, the goal would more likely be to steal as much treasure as possible. Sometimes, imprisoned NPC’s can be found in the caves, so if a character is killed, the party could accept new members into the group.

The isometric views can be used as visual aids for your players. When characters arrive in an area you can show the isometric picture to your players, do that they can see more details about the battlemap around them.

This set includes the following:

- The big map broken into page...

 Battlemap - Kryos family crypt
 Regular price: $5.95
 Bundle price: $4.60

The game starting now in the deep, under the castle!

After you’ve gone through the rooms of Cellar you’ll arrive to the family crypts. Forgotten names and family members are in the cold deep; only torches bring some light here to dispel the darkness. Water drips from the ceiling and makes puddles on the floor, sometimes a noise can be heard from behind a corner, a metallic patter. You wish it was the draught of air. But this wish remains only a dream in an old crypt like this.

Use this map with the - Battlemap: Cellar - and the Prison in the deep together!

This set includes the following:

- Six rooms and corridors broken into pages, and poster sized color jpg images- Orthographic view of the map- Isometric view of rooms- 72 dpi sized color jp...

 Battlemap - Oargkan's Labyrinth
 Regular price: $5.45
 Bundle price: $4.00

With this scenic and highly detailed map (and with its isometric view) you will surely get some idea to your next adventure.

All our 3D based maps contain an isometric view as a guide. They help provide a visual aid for GM’s to show players more details in the rooms their characters are exploring. Just show the pictures to your gamers and they will get the feeling that they are in a sunny but cool labyrinth.Are you ready to a new mission?Is someone lost among the old walls or would you like to solve the problem of a little village because they are tortured by many beings from the maze? Perhaps you will find some secret inside, too. In the middle of this labyrinth a stone skeleton holds a black sphere and green mist gives to the breathlessness a second chance&...

 Battlemap - Prison in the deep
 Regular price: $7.95
 Bundle price: $5.00

The game starting now in the deep, under the castle!

The old gate came off its frame when you tried to open it. After the Kryos Family Crypt your adventurer team steps into the Prison in the Deep.

"I remember I’ve seen old paper coils in the library with the maps of an old dungeon and prison on them. Perhaps that dungeon starts here. Old and long forgotten alchemists and mages experimented there."

Use this map with the "Battlemap: Cellar" and "Kryos family crypt" together!

This set includes the following:

- the big map broken into pages, and poster sized color jpg images- Orthographic view of map- Isometric view of map- 100 dpi sized color jpg images for the online rpg players

Image format:


 Battlemap - Temple of Abaddon
 Regular price: $7.95
 Bundle price: $5.10

Do you wish you knew what was behind the enormous stone doors at the end of “Prison in the Deep?”Are you certain? Soon, I believe, you’ll wish you hadn’t asked.

The temple of Abaddon is an ancient, horrible place that was formed by powerful magics to capture and use the astral plane to bind a creature of vast destruction.

There are many, many realities, stacked one upon another where creatures like angels, gods, and demons dwell.  Gates were created to seal them away to prevent them from invading our world.  But now, thousands of years later, nearly all of them have fallen into ruin.  In the deepest level beneath the castle is the final remaining gate that could be used to travel to the planes above and below our reality.&n...

 Battlemap - The Cellar
 Regular price: $5.95
 Bundle price: $4.00

Barrels, boxes, flour bags... its a typical cellar.But you may find something else in the deeper cellars...

Use this map with the Kryos family crypt and the Prison in the deep together!

This set includes the following:

- Five rooms and one corridor broken into pages, and poster sized color jpg images- Orthographic and pespective view of rooms- Isometric view of rooms- 72 dpi sized color jpg images for the online rpg players

Image format:

1" game tiles

PDF: U.S. Letter, 200 dpiJpg: 200 dpi and 72 dpi

If you like this, write a review, if you have any problems or ideas, send them to us by click the "contact publisher" link on the right side.This is a map, not a story!For personal use only.


 Battlemap - The Marble Sanctum
 Regular price: $19.99
 Bundle price: $15.00

The Marble Sanctum was created thousands of years ago by a powerful sect of necromantic arch-mages. Using a magical artifact called the Tao Engine; they pressurized and heated the limestone in place to create a massive marbleized network of rooms and passages. It was a fortress and center of magical research for the faction’s leading arch lich-mage.

It would also become his eternal tomb in the last battle of the Azi-Schism in which knights of the opposing faction succeeded in sacking the Sanctum and imprisoning the lich-mage within. As the centuries passed and the jungle engulfed the fortress, it was forgotten along with its sole remaining inhabitant. In time his necromantic energy spread throughout the island, infesting the Sanctum and the island itself with various types...

 Battlemap - The Plane of Havoc
 Regular price: $6.95
 Bundle price: $3.00

 After the great battle fought inside the Temple of Abaddon, your adventuring company realized that in order to save your world, you would need to go through the gate that imprisoned the Angel of Destruction and destroy it from the other side.

  The gate stands between two worlds, between our dimension and the one above our reality. Your team needs to enter the astral plane and destroy the gate and trap Abaddon in his pocket dimension.  After you step through the portal, you arrive in a world that is different from anything you have ever seen. A strange green and white mist covers everything, anything farther away than a stone’s throw blurs in the distance.

What will you do to stop him?  Would you destroy the last known gate, or attempt to find ...

 Dark Crypts - Chambers
 Regular price: $4.45
 Bundle price: $3.40

What else can you do when the night falls, than hanging around desolated crypts? This set is the standard accessory of any brave adventurer who dare enough to enter the dark and cold halls. I hope that the many specter in the crypts won't scare you away from a good adventure on these beautiful maps.

Good gaming!

This set contains four various crypt rooms broken into pages, and poster sized jpg images for printing and online games.

Image format:

- 1" game tiles- PDF, U.S. Letter, 300 dpi


 Dark Crypts - Chambers #2
 Regular price: $6.95
 Bundle price: $5.05

With these smaller maps you can play in a huge cemetery and visit every mausoleum and crypt that you would like without you met the same crypt twice. This set gives you a huge pack of chambers and let you to play a more diverse game.You will find three version of rooms in this set:- Dark and empty, without any torches and tombs.- Dark, but includes the torches, tombs, etc...- With torchlight.Use this set with our Ground Set #12 - Crypt and play in a huge and various crypt-maze system. Before you print these maps you can switch on or off corridor connections on every map to use them with the crypt tiles.

What is the Ground Set?The Ground Sets are 6x6 inch sized tiles, which you can build up your own maps. The Ground Set #12 is one of our customizable set what means you can switc...

 The tomb of the Fallen Angel
 Regular price: $7.95
 Bundle price: $6.20

"The Fallen Angel: fire and darkness. His sword rules over the living and the dead."

The real game is just beginning on these huge maps. The map is given, the story depends on you. Great stories can be easily materialized with the help of these maps.

This set contains four big maps. Of course, the function of the halls can be adjusted to suit your stories.

This product contains the following:

- four big room broken into pages- poster-sized color jpg images

Image format:

- 1" game tiles- PDF, Letter, 200 dpi

If you have any kind of problem, idea or suggestion, write to me please!

You need Adobe Acrobat reader 8 or later.Good gaming!

UPDATE: I repaired the mid-tile ...

Total value:$88.40
Special bundle price:$64.95
Savings of:$23.45 (27%)

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