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The Unspeakable Oath 19
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The Unspeakable Oath 19

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The Unspeakable Oath is a quarterly magazine dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games that are based on the Cthulhu Mythos -- the creations of horror author H.P. Lovecraft, the writers who inspired him, and the writers who followed him.

Created and published by game designers, writers and artists who love Cthulhu Mythos gaming, every issue provides ideas, inspiration, tools and techniques to make your games more horrific than ever.

The Unspeakable Oath 19 includes:

The Dread Page of Azathoth

This issue’s foreword by editor-in-chief Shane Ivey.

The Eye of Light and Darkness

Reviews of games, books and movies that are of special interest to Cthulhu Mythos gamers.

  • Cthulhu Saves the World, reviewed by Brian Sammons.
  • Death in Luxor, reviewed by Matthew Pook.
  • The Freeport Trilogy, reviewed by Matthew Pook.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, reviewed by Brian Sammons.
  • The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, reviewed by Brian Sammons.
  • Lovecraftian Tales from the Table, reviewed by Matthew Pook.
  • Monsters, reviewed by Brian Sammons.
  • Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, reviewed by Matthew Pook.

Tales of Terror

Short descriptions of disturbing situations, each with three possible ways the game moderator could have them unfold in play.

“Property Values,” by Adam Gauntlett—when a house is not a home but a horror.

“Sawbucks,” by Monte Cook—wealth that really is a burden. 

Arcane Artifacts

Deadly objects ready to be added to your games.

“Dollars of Dagon,” by Bobby Derie—a numismatist’s dream that can quickly turn nightmare.

Mysterious Manuscripts

Tomes of forbidden knowledge, ready for play.

“Henry Darger’s Second Novel,” by Pat Harrigan—long after his death, the famous recluse again redefines “outsider art.”

“Joy Shusterman’s Basement,” by Jeffrey Moeller—in which you can learn a lot from isolation.

“The Twelfth Book of Moses,” by Adam Gauntlett—a New Age classic that would be better to stay underground.

Feature Articles

“Bernice Cartfield,” by Greg Stolze—a modern-day occultist who’s a perfect Friendly or foil for Delta Green.

“Cheating Madness,” by Brennan Bishop—tips for livening up your trips to the mental ward.

“Paramour of Y’golonac,” by Oscar Rios—a seductive new monster.


“The Brick Kiln,” by Adam Gauntlett—a Trail of Cthulhu adventure set in rural 1930s England.

“Suited and Booted,” by Adam Gauntlett—a Call of Cthulhu adventure set in the grimy side of 1920s London.

Message in a Bottle

A short, self-contained vignette of Cthulhu Mythos horror.

“Dying Sunlight,” by David Jacobs—a glimpse at the life of a photographer who took more than pictures.

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Keith (. T. A. [Featured Reviewer]
September 14th, 2013
How much fun can it be to thwart evil only to be eaten alive or driven insane for your efforts? As it turns out, quite a bit. Cthulhu fans everywhere rejoice in the return of a quarterly magazine dedicated to their favorite tentacular genre, Unspeakabl [...]
November 9th, 2012
The Unspeakable Oath is an excellent magazine dedicated to all things Cthulhu which invariably has superb reviews, excellent information and widely usable supplemental material including items, books, spells, artifacts and so on. In addition there is [...]
May 3rd, 2012
The following review was originally posted at Roleplayers Chronicle and can be read in its entirety at The Unspeakable Oath is a magazine dedicated [...]
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