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Battlemap - Kryos family crypt

Battlemap - Kryos family crypt

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The game starting now in the deep, under the castle!

After you’ve gone through the rooms of Cellar you’ll arrive to the family crypts. Forgotten names and family members are in the cold deep; only torches bring some light here to dispel the darkness. Water drips from the ceiling and makes puddles on the floor, sometimes a noise can be heard from behind a corner, a metallic patter. You wish it was the draught of air.
But this wish remains only a dream in an old crypt like this.

Use this map with the - Battlemap: Cellar - and the Prison in the deep together!

This set includes the following:

- Six rooms and corridors broken into pages, and poster sized color jpg images
- Orthographic view of the map
- Isometric view of rooms
- 72 dpi sized color jpg images for the online rpg players

Image format:

1" game tiles

PDF: U.S. Letter, 200 dpi
Jpg: 200 dpi and 72 dpi

If you like this, write a review, if you have any problems or ideas, send them to us by click the "contact publisher" link on the right side.
This is a map, not a story!
For personal use only.

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October 15th, 2011
I like this set, it's quite evocative and quite beautiful. My biggest gripe with it though is the orthographic top view print outs. They're good and all, but since these are the ones that can be used with figures for gaming, it should be broken up in [...]
Christopher H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
June 27th, 2011
As usual for Lord Zsezse Works battlemaps, the Kryos Family Crypt features excellent and imaginative artwork. In this case, you get an entire family crypt—really a small dungeon with about a dozen possible significant areas. Stone architecture and fu [...]
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