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RMFRP The Armory
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RMFRP The Armory

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Give your Hero an edge!

Welcome to the Armory. The ICE armsmasters have selected over 50 new weapon attack tables for your combat enjoyment. So retire those old worn out weapons and take these new attack tables for a spin. Fun, lethal and exotic, the Armory has it all. Need more killing power? Then check out the great sword. If you prefer finesse, then perhaps the dainty hand crossbow is more your style.

The Armory also features an appearance by a very special guest star: Aaron Williams' Nodwick! Take the guesswork out of tossing your henchbeings around with the Nodwick Attack Table. How far can you toss the average henchgnome? And what really happens when you fumble?

Choose your weapons and slay your opponents with flair. The Armory makes it easy with rules that let you choose your criticals and new easy on the eyes attack tables.



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July 7th, 2013
This is a good expansion for Rolemaster, including many Asian weapons not in Arms Law. It has a couple of "joke" "weapons" that i didn't receive well, but maybe others would like them. It has at least one historical sort-of-inaccuracy in that the three [...]
February 4th, 2013
Additional weapons are cool and provide fun options. The difference in this vs arms law, is that the arms law combat tables are more realistic. Against full plate, a 2H sword ends up doing Krush criticals, where in The Armory, all criticals for a given [...]
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