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Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI
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Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI

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NOTE to UK and European purchases. The printed copy is shipped from a UK address, so you don't face high international shipping charges from the USA. See the shipping details when you add to basket for more info. 

Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI is a dedicated 15mm fast play wargame designed for skirmish level play using combined arms. You can use miniatures from any 15mm SCI-FI manufacturer and the rules are not restricted to a set genre or background setting.  You can pick up, learn  and play Gruntz quickly and add to the basic rules with the included optional rules with more advanced movement, turn sequence and activation. 

This is the 1.1 release of Gruntz which has over a years worth of feedback and tweaks completed based on player feedback and further test games at conventions and with active players.  For the first time it is also now in print which you can purchase from the Wargames Vault.   There are new art works by Jake Parker in this release with story intro's to the various factions written by award winning author Jennifer Brozek. I was glued to reading the story intro's, they a great little sci-fi reads although you don't have to use the background information in the rules and can use your own settings and scenarios for your games. 

The rules were 88 pages long in v1 and have grown to a 135 pages with full colour examples, photos and map guides to play in this latest release. Gruntz has a points system and scenarios with unit builders for each type of vehicle and unit in the game. If you enjoy creating your own weapon payloads for tanks and mecha you can make use of the blank profile cards when creating your perfect unit.

Gruntz 15mm has been specifically designed to support tanks, support vehicles, air support, mecha and artillery. Vehicle rules are integral to the game and not a bolt on.  It is a combined arms gaming experience with support for all manufacturers of 15mm sci-fi and modern figures. 

Gruntz 15mm has manufacturer support from Critical Mass Games,  Ground Zero Games (GZG), Khurasan, Rebel Minis, Brigade, and Old Crow Models. The full range of figures are supported by the Gruntz rules including specialists, tanks, mecha, robotic, alien races, air support and air transport.

The rules and statistics in Gruntz cover modern and futuristic technology, allowing for low tech and high tech mixed battles. Included are statistics for alien technology and an introduction to the Heliopause setting.

You can build your own forces with the army builders and supplied blank profile cards. This enables any new manufacturer models to be designed and built with statistics which suit your own army with a points system which can be used or ignored if you prefer scenario driven story games.

Gruntz 15mmuses D6 die for rolling shooting and attacks with the core mechanic based on a 2D6 roll adding a number from the units statistics. Official counters are available for the game to enable easy identification of conditions on the battlefield.

The Barracks Application is now a download application available separately from the Gruntz 15mm rules. Details are available here

The latest release for Gruntz is activation deck of cards. They can be purchased separately on this link /product/132544/Activation-Cards-for-Gruntz-15mm


Gruntz activation cards. Availbile separately on the Wargames Vault. 

To aid with play there are some great condition tokens for the game. 

Gruntz Tokens

They can be purchased from . They also offer the ruler, area effect templates and flamer for the game in clear perspex. 

Sample Images from the rules:

Sample Shoot Page

Gruntz Sample Army Page

Sample Profile Card Page

Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI  Unit Builder

Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI

Quick Video Guide to Shooting in Gruntz.

Gruntz Video Footage whilst at Salute.


Note that a large format super hi-res version of the Heliopause setting starmap is also included as a seperate PNG download file. 

Heliopause map

Heliopause sample map image.


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Customer avatar
Michael L February 23, 2018 5:57 pm UTC
Is it possible to add bookmarks to the pdf at all? It would make looking something up in the book a lot easier during play.
Customer avatar
Erik S November 17, 2017 3:08 pm UTC
I'm trying to understand the rules.
When shooting with a Gruntz Squad against an enemy Gruntz Squad, do I declare what each model in my squad is firing at?
As in do I have to INDIVIDUALLY declare what each and every model in my squad is firing at in the enemy unit?
Customer avatar
Taryn F October 02, 2015 11:51 pm UTC
The product description says the book's size has expanded to > 100 pages, but the sidebar says it is 88 pages long. Which one is correct, i.e. what size would the book be if someone ordered it?
Customer avatar
Jason S April 11, 2017 2:10 pm UTC
Probably too late to help you, but in case somebody else asks, my PDF has 136 pages.
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