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Modern Floorplans: Hotel
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Modern Floorplans: Hotel

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Jacob strode through the double doors of The Provincial Hotel and into the opulent lobby. The marble floors gleamed as the afternoon sun streamed through the windows surrounding the lobby. He quickly spotted the small wood paneled reception station and walked over. No one was present, so he used the small bell on the counter to announce his presence. Still, no one responded.

Jacob was anxious to begin his vacation. It was the first one he had taken in nearly 3 years and Miami seemed like a great place to escape. As he leaned over the counter to look into the open door adjacent to the reception area, Jacob felt something cold and metallic press against the back of his head.

"Well, my friend," a rich Hispanic baritone voice stated behind him. "Seems like you picked the wrong place and the wrong time."

Where do you go when the action starts? To the battle map, of course! If you need a map of a modern structure, you need Modern Floorplans. The Modern Floorplans series from Fabled Environments offers gamers high quality maps in a variety of configurations:

  • Want to draw it out yourself? Use the 8.5x11 map as a guide.
  • Want to simply drop the map on the table and play? Use either the 24x36 full map (if you have access to a plotter printer) or print the tiled version on regular paper using the large page tiling feature of Adobe Reader and assemble a full-size version yourself in a matter of minutes. Both versions are scaled at 1 inch equals 5 feet.
  • In addition, each floorplan also comes in versions without room labels and without furniture.
  • This flooplan take advantage of both the Layers feature and the Tile Large Page function of Adobe Acrobat X

Note: All floorplans are rendered in black and white.

All maps are created by an architectural drafter using AutoCAD. This gives all of the maps the realistic feel that your players crave. Grab a copy of Modern Floorplans: Hotel today, and keep an eye out for future releases!

UPDATE: We have added 100 DPI .jpg images of each floor for easier use in VTT environments!

Map Description

"The Provincial", an "average" modern boutique hotel

This hotel was originally designed to be used in the Silver Gryphon Games module, Schrödinger's Box. If you have purchased this map as a stand-alone product, we would encourage you to check out this great offering from Silver Gryphon Games. Schrödinger's Box is part of the Wellstone City line from Silver Gryphon Games.

This hotel is reminiscent of some of the great boutique hotels in New York City. Each of the floors of this hotel boast nearly 12,500 square feet of space and offer large sun rooms, spacious guest rooms and suits, and a cozy dining space located on the first floor. The beauty of this map is the third floor, which is also designed as a repeating floor plan. This allows the flexibility to build three story or three hundred story hotels.

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Customer avatar
Arno V September 20, 2014 1:02 am UTC
This map was excellent for my session. Gary T commented he could not get the grid to print - I did not have any such issues. Like all maps I have used from Fabled Environments it was immaculately laid out with a good practical design for play. My only negative comment is more to do with my own gaming environment - this map is very big, and it was impossible to fit both upper and lower floors on my 8 seat gaming table. I personally will reserve these size maps for special occasions only.

For those wishing to print on metric paper, the map fits (just) on a single A0 paper per floor.
Customer avatar
Arno V August 19, 2014 11:14 am UTC
Hi Charles,
The Table of Contents lists pages 8, 10 and 12 as 24" x 36". I presume they should be listed as 36" x 48"?
Customer avatar
Gary T August 07, 2014 3:51 pm UTC
Very good detail to these maps and they really add an "ambience" to the games when players are using it. However, unlike other versions of their maps, this one doesn't come with a 1 inch / large square version for using minatures! A real shame as some of their other maps print out sections that can then be sellotaped together - a missed opportunity with this one! Aside from that - I'm very impressed with this.
Customer avatar
Charles W August 07, 2014 3:59 pm UTC
Hi Gary,

I'm sorry that you're having problems with the map!!

I just downloaded the file and the 1" square grid is there. I wonder if the grid layer might be turned off. If you don't mind, email me the file that you got so I can take a look and see if there is an issue. I'll be happy to send you an additional map from our catalog for your trouble. :-)


Charles White
Fabled Environments
Customer avatar
Gary T August 07, 2014 5:00 pm UTC
Wow - awesomely quick response! Thank you.

I'll email it across now and I'm hoping I've not been stupid with my printing (fingers crossed!) but I did run it off today and it wasn't there. Printed the modern house and the Rangers house and they were there.

Thanks for helping out!


Customer avatar
Charles W March 30, 2014 1:14 am UTC
Hi Brent,

Thanks for your comments. I think what you are seeing are two sets of stairs leading from the first floor to the veranda. They only go to the second floor. I did check the two sets of stairs comprising the main stairwell that is present on all floors and both sets seem to line up. The first floor only has one of the two sets due to the use of space. That may have also thrown you off as well.

We have had a couple little glitches with our maps in the past, so I am always happy to get feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me:
Customer avatar
Brent K March 29, 2014 10:43 pm UTC
This looks like a great map, the only thing that is bothering me about it is the way the stairs and landing are laid out on the third floor. The up and down don't match up to the second floor, and it doesn't quite work as a repeating floor plan. Unless I'm reading it wrong somehow
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