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Camp Wicakini:  Part II - Savage Worlds
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Camp Wicakini: Part II - Savage Worlds


NO MAPS ARE INCLUDED WITH THE BASE FILE.  You may either use the maps from the original Camp Wicakini or purchase the Product Bundle which includes maps of the camper cabins, the counselor cabins, the groundskeeper's house, and the shelter house, as well as the complete camp layout!

Get the Bundle by clicking here! Full maps and adventure for just $3.75!


Something's gone wrong at a summer camp deep in the woods.  Very, very wrong.  If it had been just punk kids screwing around, that would be one thing, but the report came in from the State Patrol's office, and it was a confused, scared report...almost nervous to be turning in a report on...zombies?

They dispatched an officer, but he turned back and wants immediate backup from the FBI.  It just so happens that a special team is in Denver and you're a member of that team.  It's a quick 6 hour trip to the camp from Denver, and you're briefed on what to expect.  Zombies, man...what is the world coming to?


This sandbox style adventure follows the first Camp Wicakini adventure by a few hours.  Something bad has gone down at the once-peaceful summer camp and it's your job to clean it up.  The Special Agent Cosgrove, your boss, isn't looking for answers or something to study.  He wants the problem stepped on and resolved with extreme prejudice.

This adventure is a direct sequel, following the events that happened in the first camp, but using different characters.  It is set up with guidelines on how to run it whether the original adventure was run or not, and it has a few new surprises for players who are familiar with the first treatment of Camp Wicakini.

This adventure is available for the Æther and Savage Worlds systems.  Also included with this adventure are new maps from Fabled Environments, cleaning up the original maps from the first adventure.  While the adventure itself it only 11 pages long, its sandbox nature makes it ideal for a convention game, or even a full-day one-shot adventure.  When combined with the first Camp Wicakini, it is twice the fun and twice the horror!

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