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Space Fight! (Charity Release)
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Space Fight! (Charity Release)


Profits from this product go to the preferred charity (the Ian Rennie Hospice, which cared for his uncle when he was terminally ill) of one of the authors, Doug Massie, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Nobody knew how it happened. Perhaps it was some ghastly dimensional experiment gone wrong; or perhaps it was a highly improbable coincidence of cosmic anomalies. But when a Federation vessel encountered an Imperial battlecruiser in the far reaches of the galaxy, the meeting did not go well....

Reports soon came flooding in of strange encounters in every corner of the galaxy. Entire new civilizations where once there were none, new races, fleets, technology. It was hypothesized that every possible universe had converged, alternate realities coming into conflict. 

Only one thing was for sure: space was becoming very crowded.

And so, across the length and breadth of the galaxy, war erupted. Dozens of civilizations battled each other for resources, territory, or their very survival. As Imperial battlecuisers stood off against Hive cubes, the warlike Spartans with their ridged foreheads and cloaking devices threw themselves into conflict with the Alliance. Plucky Rebels battled the Machines, while Federation starships defended themselves from the Shadows. Everyone fought everyone.

Alliances were made and broken. Battles were fought and lost. Heroes rose and fell. And war raged on...

These are not the only factions crowding the galaxy; dozens, maybe hundreds, of other civilizations of different sizes find themselves suddenly battling for space and resources against enemies they've never encountered before, sometimes against technology unknown in their own universe.


Who would win? Wars or Trek? Imagine a starship combat game which pits everyone against everyone! A d20-based starship combat game with influences from 4E to the Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator, from B5 to BSG. What happens when a Colonia 

SPACE FIGHT! is a starship combat tactical boardgame.  Check out the article about SPACE FIGHT! in the East Valley Tribuneor see us on Starship Combat News!

  • Cinematic, ease of use and speed of play
  • No looking up charts during gameplay
  • d20-based system heavily influenced by 4E innovations
  • Starship counters are of different sizes on the hex grid
  • Exception-based starship design allows for any ability without system constraint
  • Starships range from tiny fighters to gargantuan space stations; fighter squadrons launched from capital ships
  • Includes bombers and ground defences where appropriate, as well as AWACS-style support ships and ECM warfare
  • Boarding and combat troops
  • Able to model Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5
  • Hex maps can depict starscapes, landscapes, or the surface of battle stations such as the Death Star complete with operational laser turrets
  • Expandable with integrated supplements such as GROUND ATTACK!   What does happen when a squadron of Imperial Bombers attacks a group of WarMechs?
  • HERO CARDS allow Dark Lords, Bold Captains, Spies, Saboteurs, Legendary Engineers, Seasoned Admirals, Plucky Pilots, and more to influence the battle
  • Art by Claudio Pozas!

Please note: one of the authors, Doug Massie, has sadly passed away.  For this reason, there will be no further updates to this product, and it is presented "as is".  There were plans for future development (referenced occasionally in the text) but these will not be happening.  It is, however, a perfectly decent game in its current state.

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