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Fantasy Maps: Lightning Train Map Pack
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Fantasy Maps: Lightning Train Map Pack

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Frantasy Maps: Lightning Train Map Pack

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Has the the lightning train been waylaid by hijackers? Are train robbers waiting quietly in the first-class cabin for the opportune time to strike? Have the lightning elementals that power the engine broken free to exact revenge for their forced servitude? Ready for a tense showdown on the roof while great bolts of electricity arc all around? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!

"Fantasy Maps" are full-featured encounter maps designed to fill your fantastic world! This release, "Lightning Train" features a massive lightning-powered locomotive, including eleven fully-mapped train cars, inside and out. Will players be traveling first class, standard, or steerage? Whether your party is having dinner with the captain in the ballroom, mixing with shady characters in the on-board tavern, making a grand assault on the cargo hold, or having an epic battle on the roofs, it is all possible on this massive map. Print all the cars for a massive train line, or only the cars you need. All maps are in typical 1 inch = 5 feet scale.

Included for your convenience are several different formats including:
•  Full-color maps of each car (both rooftop and inside) in individual .jpg files (versions with and without grid)
•  Printer-friendly, high-contrast black and white map in individual .jpg files (versions with and without grid)
•  PDF files with images sliced up over multiple pages for easy home-printing (Color and Black&White, compatible with both US Letter and A4 International paper)

D20 Cartographer also supports virtual table top (VTT) systems and includes:
•  100 DPI gridless maps with objects and dungeon dressing removed
•  A folder with all ‘objects' (over 50!) in .png format for use on this map or reuse on your private maps
•  An RPTools MapTool VTT file with vision blocking and object layer set up for you


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Christopher H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
June 18th, 2012
Obviously, this map set is tailor-made for fantasy RPG campaigns in Eberron or very similar high-magic settings. The artist has done a great job of depicting both the inside and the outside of the engine and the caboose and everything that goes in betw [...]
Keith (. T. A. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
December 22nd, 2011
This is an amazing map set suitable for a Victorian/Old West/SteamPunk settings. The product includes PDFs for printing, JPGs for importing into your favorite Virtual Tabletop, PNGs representing objects inside the train, and a MapTool campaign file tha [...]
Michael T. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
December 14th, 2011
I'm running D20 Nocturnum and my group is fast-approaching a conflict with Kage, a shoggoth lord-like entity, and his bodyguards on a train. There's also a minion working on behalf of Nyarlathotep that's so large it takes five rounds to squeeze into th [...]
December 2nd, 2011
I bought this with my 12 year old son's steampunk interests in mind. Had some newb problems figuring out how to download it, but once I did I was more than happy with it. I love the fact that individual cars are offered in a variety of formats. As far [...]
November 26th, 2011
The high standard of D20 Cartographer is met and surpassed I think in this set of maps. The detail is exquisite and versatility is very high for the small niche this set would fill. The extras included in the objects file are very useful to help design [...]
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