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Novarium is a troupe-style roleplaying game set in a unique fantasy world called Vaena. The angel Azakriel has visited the humans of this world and given the gift of magic to women, who have in turn reversed the sexism in their society and risen as powerful leaders. This was a last ditch ploy from the heavens to empower the humans to fight against evil, as the demihuman empires had been torn apart through their own greed and hubris. 

Gameplay is centered around a magical cooperative that holds magical title to a region, much like a Duke has political rights. Inactive characters can care for the land holding, rest, conduct research, and so on. Meanwhile, the active characters are looking for new sources of magical energy called Essence.

Your party seeks to tame a wild land and bring it under your control. You will face a range of opponents; including other magi, monsters, fae, demons, and devils. As the years go by, you will choose and train apprentices to carry on your mission. Can you drive back the forces of evil and reclaim the land from darkness?

Product Includes:

- Introductory Text for players completely new to RPGs

- Game Rulebook

- Sample World Map

- Sample Continent Maps

- Sample Regional Map

- Character Sheet

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September 4th, 2016
As a free game, there is few better. I was able to read through the entire rulebook in a couple of hours, including making a sample character in the process. The system is a simplified version of Ars Magica in feel and flavor (I'm unsure if there is an [...]
July 31st, 2016
So. I just looked over a tabletop system that could have easily been written by feminists, for feminism. Novarium. A free game with decent enough gaming mechanics. The problem comes in its very pushy storyline background. I figured I would at LEAST giv [...]
September 15th, 2012
Novarium is first off one of the most beautifully put together games than I have enountered in a long time. While this is superficial and largely unimportant it is worth mentioning up front. The art is amazing and the layout is eazy to read even on a [...]
May 8th, 2012
This is an incredible product. Image the best made core and world rulebook made by the industry giants... you know the two of them. Now, imagine its been simplified down to a flexible system.... and it is FREEEEEE. Beautiful artwork, wonderful mechanic [...]
erik f. t. t. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
December 5th, 2011
Leave it to Greg (aka Chubby Funster) to gift us with another free RPG. This time he gives us Novarium. It has it roots as a re-imaginating of sorts of Ars Magica, but with the Chubby Funster twist. Players have their primary PC, and a secondar [...]
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