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Adventure Pack One Free RPG Adventures
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Adventure Pack One Free RPG Adventures


***September 2012 News: Now updated with bookmarks!***

Adventure Pack One contains seven complete adventures for use with the Challenger Roleplaying Game system a Free Roleplaying Game. These adventures are relatively short, can be easily adapted to other game systems including Of Mice Men and Wizards, and are designed to take a band of characters from 1st level to 30th level and beyond.

These quests are also designed to get you started on creating your own epic, Challenger campaigns.

This adventure pack contains:

Into the North: an assault on Saint Nick the Dwarf Thief's evil fortress.

Secret Agent Caper: a portal teleports the heroes to the 1950s on an alternate earth where they appear to be prominent spies working for her Majesty, the Queen of Scotland.

A Marvelous Time: the heroes must now take on a band of annoying super heroes and unravel the diabolical scheme of a mad villain to return home.

The Quest for the Holy Grail: When the Mouse Queen recruits the PCs to recover the Holy Grail not all is it seems in this adventure of intrigue, riddles, and diabolical princes.

The Fugitives of Monster Land: the PCs must recover a giant demon skull to prove their innocence to the king after killing his son in The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Wrath of the Gods: The PCs must go in and whoop all the famous deities arses on Mount Olympus and it so happens the Norse Gods are visiting too. However, there's two slight problems: first they'll have to visit the land of the dead and Hades, and next find a way to reach Mount Olympus.

And, Killer Dungeon: Bored with their many accomplishments the heroes decide to set out to hunt down a giant killer dungeon who's famous for eating whole kingdoms. If they can survive they'll be famous, but it's tough to kill something you're inside of capable of crushing you between walls, melting you with stomach acid, and messing with your brain...

Update, Dec 14th: Thanks to the masterful Curt Meyer there are now vehicle combat rules and vehicle stats included with these adventures complete with RRs for chases, heavy vehicle weapons, and universal rules for ramming vehicles, chases, dog fights, ad-hoc repairs, and using catapults and similar large weapons. Thanks so much Curt!

If you enjoy this product, be sure to check out the free game system for this adventure pack: "Challenger RPG" available on this site and other e-book retailers across the internet.


David L. Dostaler

Author, Challenger RPG



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September 10th, 2016
Just like on my kindle, interesting and has the added feature of sharing. [...]
February 9th, 2016
It is just too much of a mishmash of various clashing genres. Your fantasy characters are supposed to take aliens, gun toting and car driving attacks etc.without turning a hair. Just a charotic jumble, with nothing resembling a plot. [...]
December 23rd, 2011
I can hardly wait to unleash a couple of these on my unsuspecting gaming group! [...]
December 8th, 2011
I can't fault a free product too much, but it mentions car chases, and vehicle rules are unclear here and in the core book. [...]
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