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An Echo, Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War
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An Echo, Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War

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Let Them Know Your Fame In Hell.

In this Labyrinth Lord-compatible guidebook you'll learn the arts of war and kingly rule in the untamed borderlands. Referees will find all the tools they need to build a savage land of adventure and bloody struggle, carving the foundations of empire into the very bones of their campaign. Players will find new talents as Champions of their lands, fighting for a noble cause or struggling to establish a beacon of light in the wilderness. And together, both will find new tools for domain management to bring the red-edged games of kings and princes within the grasp of fiercer souls!

Within this book, you'll find that same dedication to practical play tools and detailed table helps that you'll find in all Sine Nomine products. In particular, you'll find....

  • Complete rules for domain founding, management, and conflict.
  • Quick and easy rules for mass combat with both military units and heroic individuals.
  • New Champion abilities to give expert adventurers even more value to the lords who win their capricious aid.
  • Extensive GM support for building campaign regions of cities, towns, ruins, lairs and precious resources. Don't waste your creation effort- learn how to support your endgame from the first campaign session!
  • The Westmark, a fully-worked example region from Sine Nomine's Red Tide Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit. Hit the ground running with zero prep or strip it for parts for your own campaign!

Grab it now and forge yourself a land worth conquering!

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Diskussionen (3)
Customer avatar
charlie C May 10, 2018 4:41 pm UTC
can this work with 5e? or is it somthing more suited to its orginal game?
Customer avatar
February 12, 2015 2:52 am UTC
Some issues I noticed

A) There aren't any units with the guardsman trait, except the Red Jade Templars which are not a unit PC's can be expected to have access to.

B) Unit statblocks aren't explained. I have no idea what SV stands for (seems to be a letter/number combination-Is it the type and level of building you need to access them?)
Customer avatar
Andrew B February 16, 2016 5:37 pm UTC
a) I noticed this too. PCs can gain the "vigilant watchman" ability when gaining Champion levels, which seems to be the only way (RAW) to gain guardsmen. I suspect this is intended to encourage players to deal with military/disorder obstacles personally (e.g. take down a thieves' guild, hunt monsters, and so on). But it would be straightforward to add a new unit type to the support unit list that has the guardsman trait (e.g. cost 2M 0W 0S, no attacks, guardsman trait) - I don't imagine this would break the game at all.

b) The statblocks refer, I believe, to the Labyrinth Lord system, which is modelled on OD&D. There are guides out there for adapting OD&D to newer versions, and with a bit of thought I'm sure it would be straightforward to convert these units to non-D&D systems.
Customer avatar
Mark S September 18, 2016 6:50 am UTC
For guardsman trait, whether an oversight or not with normal units not having it, this is not necessary for overcoming a military obstacle, it just provides a bonus (which fits in with the mythos of the Red Jade Templars).

SV is Save. So MU5 is save as a magic user level 5 and F2 is fighter level 2 using the Labyrinth Lord rules.
Customer avatar
José Gilberto O January 16, 2015 10:52 pm UTC
Hi, i will start a game using "An Echo Resounding" in my sandbox game where my players are participants of a war effort to recolonize a continent that the hobgoblins won a war and slaved/killed the humans and elves who lived there. Since i never used "An Echo..." and i have some doubts about the system i came here to ask:
1- When i build a building asset as Palisade, are there any upkeep?
2- Some building assets have -1 value in Wealth or Social, what does it mean?
3- The values in Military, Wealth and Social on build assets is to be added to the Military, Wealth and Social of the domain or is it just used to set the difficult of "Establishing an Asset" action?

Thank you for your attention guys!
ps: Sorry for my english, it isn't my mother language.
Customer avatar
Andrew B February 16, 2016 5:43 pm UTC
1. As far as I can tell, many assets give you income (in Military, Wealth, or Social points) rather than costing upkeep. So the palisade adds 2M to your domain totals.

2. Negative values in M/W/S are upkeep costs. Some assets add to your domain totals in one value, but subtract from another (e.g. walls add 4M to your total but subtract 1W).

3. The values are both used to establish the difficulty of the "establish an asset" action, and added to your domain total.

All of the above are just my interpretation of the rules - I didn't make this. It seems to work out well; the domains I've built that hold one town and maybe a resource end up with enough points to support a small army, allowing them to take meaningful actions and defend their base.

My one criticism of this product is that the rules are not that clearly explained - it could do with a one-page summary of everything.
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