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1 Session Dungeons #7  - The Ruins of Karnak

1 Session Dungeons #7 - The Ruins of Karnak

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Simple mini adventures designed to be played in a few hours.

Playtested with Pathfinder, but you can use any system you like.

Each short, sweet, skirmish based adventure comes with a battle map (compatible with one inch figure bases and designed to be repro printed to hi-res), player handout(s), suggested scenarios and a printable PDF version of the battlemap in A4 sections.

In addition the maps and handouts come with an End User License which allows other publishers to extract them for use in their own products.


Estimated length of session - 2 to 3hrs

Little did the Karnak family realise, when they built their castle on the summit of Karnak Tor, that the hill wasn't a hill at all but a dormant volcano. Thus was the Karnak's occupation of their castle short lived.

Today the once splendid home of the Karnaks lies in ruin, abandoned and shunned even by  the local banditry who dare not dwell there for fear of the volcano.

But rumours abound. Whatever happened to the wealth of the Karnaks? And why do locals talk recently of smoke rising from campfires amidst the ruins?


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