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John Winchester's Journal (Supernatural)
by Steven D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2010 08:33:12

A Flames Rising review:

You may recall that I’ve received a couple of reviewer books based on the “Supernatural” TV series to shoot my way through. If you do, then you may also recall that I was disappointed with my first contestant and was concerned that the WB exec’s had sold out with gusto to earn a quick buck on some lame books at the expense of the fans and their beloved show. Well, I’m happy (and relieved) to report that my second foray into the book series was better than the first. But then again, that’s not saying a lot.

I was sorta jazzed about reading “thee” coveted journal of papa Winchester. I could imagine all sorts of potential and information that could be contained within these pages. I mean, this journal has been pivotal to the hunky Winchester duo since episode 1; it’s just GOT to have a lot of goods worth reading, right? Am I right? Well, I was sorta right. This book is a mixed mojo bag to be sure. So let’s open the bag and see what’s inside, shall we?

The good mojo? There are plenty of references to main events, places and people from the show. While they don’t really add any news insight for the fanatical fans, the casual and newbie fans may find some of the details from John’s point of view interesting. Quite a bit of it was told in a prequel fashion and included some interesting anecdotes about the Winchester boys growing up with their dad and his growing obsession to find and kill the yellow eyed demon. Being told through John, he has sincere moments of realization about how “the family business” has robbed them of a childhood and a place to call home. A hunter’s life is full of driving, research, greasy spoons, hotels and hunting the supernatural. Sure some of this seems obvious, but it was interesting to read all the same.

But what I found even more interesting was the OVERWHELMING amount of random trivia on a variety of religions, alchemy, the occult, demons, monsters, haunted locations, various theologies, methods of protection from evil and more. As a lifelong paranormal enthusiast, an armchair occult historian and a former manager of a ghost hunting group, I’ve come across a lot of occult trivia and information in my life time. And yet I’m still impressed by the amount of obscure details that I’d never heard before that author Alex had dug up and crammed in. For those interested in historical trivia of the paranormal / supernatural, the price for this book is most justified. Nice work on this portion Alex!

Review by Steven Dawes

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John Winchester's Journal (Supernatural)
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