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Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles - Desert Tomb Pack
by Billiam B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/10/2012 17:23:52

I'm really getting into square tiles these days. This is the second print pack by Rusty Axe - it's compatible with the first and any 1inch tile system you are already using.

The dungeon rooms are nice and blocky with solid walls and enough space to imply mighty architecture or a well dug area. The room shapes are square based which is practical - for they allow for expanded or shortened rooms of the same width. The floor tiles are suitably dusty and coloured with just enough sandy-yellow to infer that it is desert tomb/pyramid environment.

The special gem on the last page is the grid of cut-out sarcophagi, a well, skeletons, thrones etc. Ideal for those desert tombs adventures - possibly also applicable to Indy Jones contemporary pulp style games.

A nice little set.

Billiam B. bit.ly/rpgblog

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles - Desert Tomb Pack
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Dungeon Demon v1.2a
by Christopher B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/02/2010 23:48:18

I have received further instruction on the use of this program and with the further instruction and the fact that there is now a keyboard shortcut list on the manual/website, this program becomes much more productive once you have this information. There are a still a nagging few issues left that could improve the usability of the program but now that the keyboard shortcuts are listed in the manual I believe the program deserves a improved rating. I have used the program much more and can tell you it works every time I use it and though it may not be as easy to use as other programs it is still much easier than some. Taking into account the room for improvement and the fact that I was emailed a nice professional response from the developer. I would like to give this a 3.5. But, since I can't give it half stars I am going in favor of the program and giving it a 4. It is definitely worth that much if you take in the ability to buy art packs with a commercial license for not much more.

Here is a problem I had that I figured out the solution to. I will also mention this to the developers.

When creating a shortcut on the desktop for this application manually. It will not open and give you an error, Unless, you fill in the Start In field with the folder the program is stored in under properties of the icon.

Old Review-Below I gave two stars.

I have bought many mapping programs and I must say that in it's current form Dungeon Demon is quite un-intuitive and disappointing to me. Creating Walls for a room consists of picking a vertical walll segment and then clicking on the map. To make horizontal wall pieces requires that you right click on a vertical wall segment and then a window opens and you have to type in the degree you wish to rotate it. Instead of what I consider to be a standard in mapping programs which is right click on the piece and it then rotates. There is also no undo feature as far as I can tell either. Making correcting a mistake on a large dungeon almost impossible and possibly requiring to restart the dungeon from scratch. The manual is web based and is not very helpful. Listing keyboard shortcuts would be more helpful and I am unable to find that anywhere. I hope this improves with updates because I can't really give it more than two stars until this program becomes easier to use. If it does improve in further updates I will gladly re-review it. I do not think the $20 dollar price point is worth it at the moment but, I am open to working with the program and improving the score. I hope this is just because it is a new program and with updates it will improve.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Dungeon Demon v1.2a
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