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Cool Cards Eladrin Male Heroes
by JERRY M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2011 13:23:04

A much better set of minis than the Kobolds Set. A fair variety of assorted Eladrin (DD4E Elves) with assorted weapons.

While the characters are still shown in a "standing at attention" pose, the variety of outfits, weapons, and arm positions makes this a better set for generic elf or half elf heroes.

A few animal companins are included as well.

While not as high quality as the Prescicion Intermedia minis or as full of character and variety as the Okumarts, One-Monk, Pathfinder Paper Minis, or Inked Adventures paper sets, these do have some personality and are a good value for $1.95.

In addition, these minis have a more "drawn" feel as opposed to the digital poserart/ Sims look of some paper minis sets and will fit in well with other paper mini sets.

All in all, a decent value and a nice selection of male elf-type adventurers.

The lack of facial variety and the fairly static poses (all of these look like they were standing for a portrait painting instead of actually being adventurers) are the only real complaints.

I look forward to seeing what is coming next.

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Cool Cards Eladrin Male Heroes
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Cool Cards Kobold Collection
by JERRY M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2011 17:57:55

This was a disappointing set of minis. Pretty much standing pose kobolds with little detail and nothing dynamic or interesting about them. These have no personality and look pretty much like the same model with a few variations.

The "kobolds" look like open-mouthed liizardmen, with little to distinguish them from one another and nothing to give them any individuality. Even the equipment looks out of place for kobolds. for the most part, these look like someone took a human "knight" model and gave it a poorly drawn lizard head and legs.

There are lots of very good paper minis set out there. Even at $1.95, this was a poorly done set. Even a single different pose would be an improvement, or something that looked more "koboldy".

As a collector of paper minis, I'd recommend finding another source for your gaming models. In the end, this looks like it was done in a few minutes by swapping colors and weapons and armor on a single, poorly done model.

[1 of 5 Stars!]
Cool Cards Kobold Collection
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