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Tunnels & Trolls v7 Survival Kit
by Blair B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2017 13:59:56

After purchasing, i realized this is same chart as in TrollZine #4. Why are you charging for something that you can get for free already? Doesn't seem fair to me.

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Tunnels & Trolls v7 Survival Kit
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Tunnels & Trolls v7 Survival Kit
by Richard G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/04/2017 09:12:31

A handy reference document - with one small error - starting gold should be 3d6x10 - hope the publisher sees this.

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Tunnels & Trolls v7 Survival Kit
by Ken S. A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/13/2011 16:36:45

Tunnels and Trolls doesn't have a lot of tables and charts. What few it has are gathered on this 2-page pdf file. Having these facts close at hand will save you from trying to look up such things as what attributes count toward levels for the different character types, or how many adventure points it takes to increase an attribute from one number to another. (That is actually a pretty cool table, and I wish I had put it in the T & T rules. No art. Not much discussion. 2 pages of quick charts and rules for getting the numbers right when playing T & T. Indeed, it is a handy reference for anyone playing T & T, and especially so if you are demoing the game somewhere.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review Ken, I've been a fan of the game for 20 years, and it's great to get this review from you. I have also published a mini-solo Hecatombe which I hope you enjoy, and am working on a much longer solo which I hope to finish one day . . . . Al (UK)
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