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Laser Ops
by Ricardo N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2013 19:57:36
I have read concise rule sets but this one takes it too far. The main text reads like a quick reference chart and the actual reference charts are cryptic.

There are few examples on the book and just three pictures, to try to elucidate the concept of "postures" in the game. The fact that the terms "stand" and "unit" are mixed in the text does not help in the least, either.

The rules seem to have an interesting activation or command system where each unit (or is it a stand?) may have its performance affected and even trigger some random events but I cannot even playtest them while I do not fully understand the game rules.

In my opinion, this product feels like it was written by someone *very* familiar with micro-scale wargaming -- so much that the author takes too many concepts and definitions for granted, or assumes some gaming conventions implicitly.

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Laser Ops
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Coaling Stations
by Dan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2012 20:46:16
Just got this new set of Pre-Dreadnaught rule"Coaling Stations" Got the first draft and there were holes in the rules. I was sent an updated version a few days later so all is good.

It has no hit record charts. One puts a damage die by the vessel which is one of 3 d6s. White,yellow,red. Red represents sinking. Each ship has a number of pips to go through before one goes to the next color on the die. Guns are done by different sided die per battery. Eg. d4 die for 12 inch gun+. Ranges and modifiers change the odds. 4 ranges per gun. There are command cards to operate your vessels squadrons. Destroyers are in flotilas. There is ramming & mines.

My beef(s) In tha Castrophic Chart there is a fire started on a 7. What does it do? Why do you have to put it out? Also a morale chart for this period would be nice. Lastly no rules for fortifications. I will address this in my modifications.


[4 of 5 Stars!]
Coaling Stations
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