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by Panagiotis Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2015 17:50:54

A hidden gem of a game, Paleomythic is bound to provide you with quality entertainment; the rules are concise and simple, matching the overall Stone Age tone that is the game's real advantage: its original setting, which is allowed to shine, freed from unnecessary heaps of rules-mongering. With the current rise of survival games, it's great to see a system that allows the GM to take it with equal ease in a multitude of directions: from pure, no-magic exploration and day-to-day survival to a high-magic, supernatural-riddled campaign. Don't expect fancy artwork or perfect proofreading: the rulebook sets the game's tone from page 1 and does it in a spartan, yet extremely fulfilling way. Supplemented by the excellent (and highly unexploited) pool that is its setting, I believe that all Hyperborea and prehistory fans will find their heart's desire in this game and much more.

Vividly recommended and real value for money: at 1 USD, it's a steal and going back to the very roots of Humanity never felt so good.

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by Keir A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/15/2012 06:07:49

Pros: includes a pretty good guide to how to run the world, with enough information that you wouldn't have to do any more looking into history to come up with settings if you didn't want to.

Plenty of reasonably inventive and amusing ideas, quite creative while still being very true to the setting at the time.

Some genuinely interesting ideas for games.

Interesting and fun sample characters.

Really fun example story, I've yet to play it but it looks great.

Excellent price for what it is.

Cons: Some of the rules feel overly complicated (especially the way traps work).

Combat and leveling is both too complicated and too simplistic at the same time.

Rules are just mediocre in general, really.

Overall, I would definitely recomend purchasing this. While the rules are not particularly well done, they're still playable and there are a lot of nifty ideas that could be brought into other games. The example story alone is worth the price, it looks amusing enough to make up for the poor rules and you could very easily port it over to any fantasy/historical game if you couldn't handle the bad rule system.

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Creator Reply:
Many thanks for your kind comments. I take your point about some of the rules seeming to be a little overly complicated in places. I'm working on streamlining and tidying a few areas of the rules, which will appear in a revised edition of the game at a future date. This will hopefully make the game even more simple and quick to learn. When I release the revision, it will be available free to all those that have purchased this first edition. Thanks again, Graham Rose
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