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A Guide to Game Management
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2013 09:54:08

Unlike "Play Unsafe", and "X-treme DM'ing", this booklet (only 31 pages long), is about more formal topics: how to invite players to your game (putting together a simple advertisement); how to organize your long-term, campaign story arch; working with players to integrate their goals, and ideas, into your game; how to deal with communication issues, before they destroy your game; and the like. It is more formal, than most books on improving your GM skills, and for that reason, it is rather different -- and that is a great thing!

The most valued take-away, for me, is the chapter on setting up a conflict resolution method, and the importance of such a system. I've had issues with this, in my 33-year RPG history, and I have lost players because I did not have the best methodology for handling conflicts within the game. If I had put together such a plan, things would have been handled much better, whether we resolved our different opinions, or not.

For the price, and the page count, this seems a bit steep, unless you have suffered some of the issues discussed, and they were not resolved as well as you would have liked. The information on getting your campaign organized, how to 'market' your campaign, may be old-hat to some, but having learned most of this book's suggestions on my own, through trial and error, I would have to say this book is worth every Penny, Farthing, Silver Piece, or Drachma you paid for it. It could save your gaming group, and it could even help you avoid awkward situations arising out of your gaming sessions, which could adversely affect your friendships (again, conflict resolution techniques are probably the best take-away in the entire book...). Cheers!

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A Guide to Game Management
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A Guide to Game Management
by Don P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2012 17:29:21

I gave this a quick look. It is very simple and can easily be converted to any game system. I would recommend this to any serious GM that is looking for a quick list for his/her game.

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