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by Ronald B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2012 13:10:08

I am flicking through the product now and two main points are immediately apparent within moments of looking through the pdf:

1) as has already been mentioned in the other review, the headers and the font used make it almost impossible to read, making the various passages difficult to follow until you finally can work out by process of logic what really should ahve been clear from the heading

2) Most problematic however, is the layout. There are no table of contents or index and the layout looks more of a stream of consciousness than any sprt of logical design. You say you are working on a revised edition and this would be most welcomed. I cannot say whether your game system is actually a good or bad one because the terrible layout and presentation make it impossible to actually know what is going on. Please do a proper table of contents and index for your revision so people can find what they need to look for quickly and easily.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the feedback. What youve said has basically hit the nail on the head, i was in such a rush to get this out there i pretty much leapt past the editing stage altogether. From playtester feedback ive been told the game is good, the idea is good but this layout is so amateurish its impossible to follow in any useful way, hence the massive revision. Im currently working with both an artist and graphic designer to make a copy that is both appealing to the eye and easy to follow. Currently im aiming for a finish for christmas '12 time, so if theres any interest at that point please take a look.
by Harry S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/06/2012 00:31:55

Just a couple quick notes here. I really liked the cool ideas you have going on and the wealth of ideas really keep coming. But.....

The headers of every topic is all but impossible to read. The light bue outline, while might be cool to look at, is very difficult to read and my color blind friend who cannot distinguish shades of blue could not even tell what the heading were.

The BIG problem I have despite all the great ideas in the book is...Why did you make it print AND copy disabled? I can understand if it was a $30 book but it free and virtually unplayable if I cannot print out the crunch and put it in a notebook.

If Sanctuary becomes Print and Copy enabled I would raise my rating to 4 and I could learn to live with the heading fonts.

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Creator Reply:
I'll take everything youve noted on board, as you can probably tell this is my first publication and i need all the feedback i can get, ive been running what ive got so far with my gaming group but theres only so much feedback you can get from the same 5 guys. I'll happily allow for printing, and get to work on altering the headers, in the very near future i'll be working on a revised version with collected tables for gear and racial progressions, and try to include background fluff for the setting (whilst working on the layout and editing to make it easier to follow). Once again thanks for the feedback :D
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