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Goblin Rations: Bokor Base Class (Voodoo)

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Goblin Rations: Bokor Base Class (Voodoo)
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Goblin Rations: Bokor Base Class (Voodoo)
Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
by Jeffrey T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/04/2013 16:52:35

THE GOOD: The class has some creative ideas behind it. It essentially uses an extra pool of HP as a spell point system, using the HP instead of spell levels. This gives it enviable flexibility, and the added benefit of some resilience, as the extra HP can be used to avoid death blows. There are some interesting limitations on when the pool can be formed and how it can be replenished when spent. (The usual method of replenishment is an at-will ranged touch attack that drains the HP of the target into the pool.)

THE BAD: The class is missing too much information to actually be used. Hit dice, class skills, weapon & armor proficiencies, even the key ability for the spellcasting is all missing. Most of the extra abilities key off of Intelligence, so presumably that would be it, and if the base attack can be trusted for the hit dice, it would be d6. The Soul Ward ability (the spell point pool) mentions that it starts half full each day, but then later says it can only be replenished via soul drain and consume soul. This same section also mentions preparing spells for the day at the same time as the soul ward is reformed, but the spellcasting section states that the class is a spontaneous caster rather than prepared. The class is also incredibly strong; the spell point pool means you can use higher level spells more frequently, but having a ranged touch attack that restores "spell slots" on a 1-for-1 basis with damage dealt is incredible, even if the ranged touch attack itself isn't badly damaging- by the time you can quicken spells, you can fairly consistently get back your spell's points the same turn you cast. This also breaks one of the limits on metamagic- since there isn't a limit on how much HP you can spend to cast a spell, you can use powerful metamagics like quicken on your highest level spells as soon as you get them, instead of having to wait until you had a higher-level spell slot to spend. The at-will touch attack deals "unholy" damage, which isn't resisted by any creatures, spells or magic items that I know of, and on a failed save, it inflicts a negative level (and does this at level 1). Negative levels stack with one another, kill just about anything when equal to their HD, and are generally wicked business. The ability also doesn't state whether the negative levels are permanent or temporary- for NPCs and monsters this won't really matter, but for PCs facing an enemy bokor, this difference can have serious consequences. The class also gets the ability to consume souls at 4th level, which allows them to replenish their spell point pool when a nearby creature dies. Normal enough, but it also prevents the creature from resurrecting without 9th level magic... more of a danger to PCs if facing an enemy bokor at low-level, or DMs partial to returning villains. They also get the ability to create undead rather cheaply, paying 1 spell point per HD to cast animate/create undead as a spell-like ability, therefore bypassing the need for the usual onyx gems. The class is remarkably spartan for a Pathfinder class, as well- there are four dead levels where nothing is gained, and most of the levels are simply increases to the touch attack damage or new spell levels.

Overall: I like the feel of the core mechanics and would love to experiment with the spell point system, but it's missing too much info and is far too powerful for me as it is. If the info gets fixed, my rating goes up to two stars for being fairly interesting.

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