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Green World $4.20 $3.15
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Green World
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Green World
Publisher: GRAmel
by Thomas S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/31/2012 16:59:08
At first I was a little concerned about picking up this adventure, since it looked a bit cheesy. However, after reading several other adventures for Beast and Barbarians, I decided to give it a go.

After reading through it I was impressed. The story line and adventure as a whole is well written. Also, it plays out like a good story. I also, like the start, gives you a good way to mess with your party. Waking up and not knowing where they are and why. The story line does a good job providing clues to help the PCs figure things out.

The Book of Lore on Demons is a great addition and provides some details on how to intergrate these beasts into your game.

The adventure at parts seem a bit constrained on the direction the group should go. Granted, it makes sense for the most part given the location of the adventure and what's happening behind the scenes. Just as a GM you need to be prepared if your group likes to go off the track a bit.

Over all given the amount of content and the quality, I found it worth the price and a good addition to my collection of Beasts and Barbarians material. Its also usable for any fantasy setting with minor tweaks.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Green World
Publisher: GRAmel
by Andy S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/31/2012 05:36:19
Here’s the third full-length adventure from GRAmel for Beasts & Barbarians. It’s a 58 page PDF, part adventure and part setting expansion.

The adventure is in four parts; as ever, I’ll try to minimise spoilers, but it’s not giving much away to tell you that the PCs wake up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there, and their objectives are to figure out what happened to them and find their way home. My experience so far is that each part in one of these adventures takes about four hours for my group to get through, give or take, and since that’s how long our weekly session lasts, I’ll get about a month’s worth of adventuring out of Green World.

The adventure takes up about 30 pages, after which we get expansions to the Beasts & Barbarians setting. There are a dozen or so new beasts and NPCs, and a 14 page section on demons, those who worship them, and those who fight them. Amongst other things, this explains what the enigmatic Stylites are actually doing.

As ever with Umberto Pignatelli’s adventures, Green World makes full and clever use of classic Swords & Sorcery tropes; Conan would be right at home here. In this case, we have damsels in distress, vile creatures bent on consuming same, demon-worshipping savages, and a lost world.

Some foreshadowing is useful in running the adventure; I’d recommend doing that several sessions in advance.

It’s also worth noting that the B&B adventures played in sequence show a natural progression northwards and eastwards through the game setting, and that some of the smaller adventures fit into it. So far, I’d say the logical progression is: Death of a Tyrant, Citadel of the Winged Gods, The Skinner of Syranthia, Green World, The Carnival at Nal Sagath, Wolves in the Borderlands, and The Cliff Queen’s Court. Vengeance of the Branded Devils could come at the end of that arc, at a stretch, although it’s intended as the introductory scenario. If you start the heroes at Seasoned, as recommended, and award the usual two experience per session, they’d be well into Heroic by that point.

Rating: 5 out of 5. I was really started to feel jaded, and this series of adventures has perked me up nicely.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Green World
Publisher: GRAmel
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/21/2012 05:52:32
For more discussion about Savage Worlds and other RPG's please visit my blog at http://solaceofsavagery.wordpress.com

Green World, written by Umberto Pignatelli, is a 58 page adventure published by GRAmel for the Savage Worlds Beasts and Barbarians setting. Umberto also penned the recently released Sky Tyrant of Mars – a module for Adamant Entertainment's Mars setting. I featured Sky Tyrant a couple of weeks ago though I have yet to review it properly. Perhaps I will rectify that in an upcoming post!

Green World

The main adventure in Green World is presented in 4 chapters. The book also has an extensive appendix that provides details for a pygmy village from the book, stats for the npc’s, and a detailed Book of Lore covering demons. The section on demons also includes information for making demon hunter characters.

The core story of Green World revolves around the the pc’s waking up as amnesiacs in what is essentially a pocket universe. The meat of the adventure involves a rescue mission hook that is fueled by a pretty cool memory recovery element. There is a betrayal plot twist that is revealed as the story unfolds. The pocket universe – the Green World – is contained within an orb in the possession of an evil wizard. I won’t outline any more of the story here but suffice it to say that it’s fun and imaginative. There are some clever organic traps and the weirdness of the Green World has an alien consistency that manages to be different without being so gonzo that it crosses over into silliness.

The adventure does a nice job of balancing skill checks, chases, combat encounters and role playing opportunities. Each combat encounter is end capped by terrain and special circumstance information that helps to facilitate fluid play. Stat blocks for all adversaries are collected in the appendix. I kind of like having them with the specific encounter but I see the merits to having them collected for quick reference.

Green World is a fun read. The monsters are unique and even those that have common fantasy analogues feel fresh and new in this strange world. I can see it working well as a one shot for a pick up game. It could certainly be worked into an existing campaign but there would likely be some railroading necessary which isn’t uncommon for published adventures. This book is a careful recipe of ingredients and omitting any of them could create cohesion problems. Umberto has some great ideas in this module and even if you don’t use it exactly as presented there is enough here to plunder for inspiration for your home game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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