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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules $0.99 $0.79
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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules
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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by John B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/04/2013 12:25:10

This issue of the WftW deals with a lot of combat related issues, from critical hits (and misses) to called shots and disarming opponents, using cover to grappling. These rules are clearly thought out and any Mutant Lord that wants to add a level of regulated complexity to the combat will find most if not all of these rules acceptable. To me, it seemed that the author simply went through the advanced combat rules of the tried and true d20 system and simplified them a bit for the Mutant Future specific rules. The big draw for me for Mutant Future is getting away from the entire minutia of rules involved with combat and the need to have several different sources available to just complete a single round of combat. The rules for combat are pretty straight forward for Mutant Future and if the character wants to do something that isn’t specifically covered by the rules it is the Mutant Lord’s call. Of course it is up to the Mutant Lord to implement any or all of the combat rules found in this issue anyway. Personally I will probably pick and choose a few of these rules additions and may do some of my house rules mods to them so overall the issue was worth the money. Again, nothing in this issue seemed really original, but simply modified rules from other more rules centric games with MF specific twists (such as mutations). I do have one pet peeve in the format and layout of the issue, there were a few times where the rules option referred to another rules option by (see below). To me it would have made more sense to place the see below rules more towards the beginning of the issue then just refer back to them later on in the article or just build on them as a subset.

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